Discover new possibilities in the LANCOM Management Cloud

The LANCOM Management Cloud keeps gaining momentum.

The enthusiasm of the rapidly increasing number of users inspires us every day to make our LANCOM Management Cloud even better. We are all the more pleased to offer you a power pack of new features, available now. 
Our aspiration: Hyper-integrated networks in WAN, LAN, WLAN, and the field of security.

Alerts & Notifications
Security & Compliance Dashboard
LCOS Auto Updater
Alerts & LMC Rollout

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts that reassure

The LANCOM Management Cloud automatically informs you when your system is malfunctioning. For example, be notified if a device should fail or a VPN connection go down. The practical notification center in the LANCOM Management Cloud also helps you keep track of important network events at all times: You will know when a problem was solved.

  • No ballast:
    Custom configuration of when you are notified
  • No spam:
    Related notifications are grouped together

  • You decide who should be notified
  • No need to catch up. Be informed when a problem was solved.

  • Notifications at a glance
  • Fast navigation to affected devices
  • Fast processing of notifications
  • Activate only the notifications that are relevant to you

Security & Compliance Dashboard

Everything at a glance, at all times

The new Security & Compliance Dashboard instantly shows you whether the devices on the network are configured according to specified security policies. Furthermore, the dashboard keeps you up to date regarding the remaining device warranty and license terms. Intuitive, color-coded status information makes it easier than ever to meet security and compliance requirements in cloud-managed infrastructures.

Master device passwords

  • Central checks on whether all managed components meet password policy
  • Passwords are optionally generated automatically by the LMC to ensure maximum security

Device configuration

  • Central check of whether all device configurations conform to specifications
  • Displays the number of unresolved device configurations at the location

Device firmware

  • Central check of whether all devices are operating the specified software
  • Number of devices on location without the specified firmware version

Device licenses

  • Number of expired or expiring device licenses
  • Yellow flag shows licenses expiring within two weeks
  • Red shows expired licenses

Device warranty

  • Number of devices with a warranty that has expired or expires within one year
  • Yellow flag shows warranties that are expiring soon
  • Red shows expired warranties

Device services

  • Number of all devices at a location with active, vulnerable services (ports)
  • Yellow flag shows non-recommended services, e.g. unencrypted remote management services in the LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Warning in red for active, security-critical services, e.g. unencrypted remote management services on WAN connections

Active network connections

  • Display of possible attacks or undesirable remote events
  • Fast evaluation of network traffic at the individual locations
  • Network connections and admin login attempts are visualized geographically

LCOS Auto Updater

Always up to date

Up to date at all times: If desired, LANCOM devices can search for new software updates, and download and install them without any user interaction. You can choose whether to install security updates, release updates, or all updates automatically. If you choose not to use automatic updates, the feature can still be used to check for the availability of new updates.

You decide...

    Centrally activated, deactivated, or individually per device
  • ...what:
    Automatic installation of security updates, release updates, or the latest version
  • ...when:
    Periods and intervals for the checks and installations can be freely scheduled

Seure download from the LANCOM update server

  • Download via HTTPS
  • Certificates stored in the device validate the download server
  • Additional use of firmware signatures with current LANCOM devices

LMC Rollout

Major time savings

In large-scale scenarios, creating locations, assigning networks, or adding new devices can mean a lot of effort. Instead, simply prepare your overall scenario in a spreadsheet tool and use CSV to import the information into the LANCOM Management Cloud.

Bulk import of locations and network relationships

Bulk import of devices

Import any number of locations with the Click-By-Click wizard

Even the most complex network configurations for any number of devices - easier than ever