All-IP Solution for medium, large and very large-sized companies

OmniPCX Enterprise with LANCOM SBC

OmniPCX Enterprise enables users to communicate in real time, anytime, anywhere.


OmniPCX Enterprise delivers high-quality business communications. No calls are lost. Powerful communication tools ensure that the caller is connected directly to the right person. Your phone bills will be lower thanks to free Voice over IP (VoIP) at all locations, integrated least-cost routing and centralized trunks to SIP providers and traditional service providers. High availability options provide the essential business continuity in the event of network or server failures. Combined with the LANCOM ALL-IP Router, it equips you with the full functionality of a Session Border Controller. Among other things, this guarantees the reliable separation of internal and external networks, and it provides professional management tools along with the secure encryption of the signaling and the voice data.


  • Ensure availability of telephony functions at any location and on any end device
  • Integration of users at different locations including guaranteed high availability
  • Operates with DTAG SIP Trunk, using a LANCOM Session Border Controller, SBC


  • Providing excellent voice communication for your customers and colleagues
  • Integration into business processes via open interfaces


  • OmniPCX Enterprise
  • LANCOM 1783VA
  • LANCOM 1784VA


  • Europe

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