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Trusted network solutions for corporate customers and the public sector

Business and government today are increasingly becoming networked. However, one result of this is a greater susceptibility to virtual threats. Infrastructures need to function reliably and remain trustworthy. Wherever sensitive data is transmitted or critical applications have been digitalized, the effects of attacks or failures can be devastating.

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Six reasons why you are well advised to go with LANCOM

As a German network manufacturer, LANCOM Systems focuses on secure, reliable and sustainable infrastructure solutions for the B2B markets. At the core of the company's philosophy is trust.

1. Maximum security and confidentiality

As a German manufacturer, we are in a position to retain our entrepreneurial sovereignty and guarantee that our products are free of backdoors. In addition to offering very high security standards, we offer also a range of VPN routers as certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) since 2013.

2. Everything from a single source

With highly integrated solutions offering standardized network management tools, LANCOM supplies all of the necessary components from a single source: High-performance VPN routers, VPN central-site gateways, switches, and also software options such as our Web-content filtering. LANCOM technology interconnects sites and integrates mobile users over wireline, WLAN or UMTS/3G/4G connections, all secured by VPN based on the secure IPSec standard.

3. Pan-European presence

Thanks to our Europe-wide network of partners, we are never far away. We can handle just about anything—from small-company installations to rolling out large-scale projects. With our partner program LANcommunity, we ensure a continuous transfer of knowledge to ensure that our partners are always up to date on LANCOM products, technologies and solutions. Find out where to buy.

4. Investment protection and sustainability

We protect your investment by catering for existing LANCOM products in our future developments, because all LANCOM components are compatible with one another. So it is easy to integrate new applications and technologies into your existing network infrastructures. What's more, our regular updates are free of charge.

5. Reliable and personal service

Our in-house support solves problems quickly and reliably. Even specialized project requests can be implemented flexibly. Rounding off our service offerings, we share our expert knowledge by offering workshops that can be customized to meet your needs. This way to an overview of our Service and Support offerings.

6. An enthusiastic team

Low employee turnover, stable growth of the workforce, consistent staff development, and the space for fresh impulses—these are the characteristics of LANCOM. We pride ourselves on our highly committed employees, who enjoy cooperating with you and our sales partners.


Network Connectivity

Challenging VPN scenarios - We offer various solutions for challenging VPN scenarios:

  • Secure site and branch-office connectivity
  • Wired Internet access
  • Holistic management of network environments
  • Mobile access to company networks
  • Home-office connectivity
  • Integration of production and logistics for real-time data acquisition

Detailed information about our VPN solutions is available in our
Solution Guide(PDF)

Compelling benefits

LANCOM VPN solutions offer compelling benefits:

  • We secure your customers' networks with trusted network products "Made in Germany". Not only are they guaranteed to be free of backdoors, they also feature our proprietary operating system that is developed completely in-house.
  • Our products are not "out-of-the-box" routers, but scalable solutions offering functional upgrades with software options—without the need of any additional hardware modules. This means that our solutions adapt highly flexibly the needs of your customers.
  • Thanks to our free management and monitoring software, the operation and monitoring of our complete range of routers, VPN gateways and switches is consistent throughout.

High Security

Secure wasn't secure enough for us

While the media debate about the NSA and security was going on, we had our range of routers certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). After a complex range of tests, our routers have been certified to the level CC-EAL 4+. This is the highest level of security certification available for commercial networking products of this complexity.

Comprehensive high security - The full CC-EAL 4+ certification of our range of routers includes:

  • VPN site connectivity
  • Backup and redundancy
  • Routing
  • Firewalling
  • Support of digital certificates
  • Network virtualization
  • Management

Flexible and affordable

Our highly secure VPN solutions offer compelling benefits:


  • The LANCOM CC router range offers BSI-certified high security according to the demanding standards of the Common Criteria; for guaranteed freedom from backdoors and protection against cyber attacks (CC-EAL 4+).
  • Highly secure and yet flexible: Our certified VPN routers offer quality "Made in Germany" as well as a range of interfaces and features that is unique on the market, including connectivity via ADSL, fiber optic, Ethernet and 3G/4G networks.
  • Affordable high security: Compared to the expensive and inflexible strong-security devices, the LANCOM CC products excel through cost efficiency combined with a comprehensive range of service, support and warranty offerings.

Wireless LAN

Wireless solutions for the private and public sectors

Wireless flexibility - We offer a range of solutions for the most challenging VPN scenarios:

  • Connecting mobile devices to the corporate network
  • Free or paid guest access for customers or guests with their own mobile clients
  • Connectivity for separate company buildings via WLAN link
  • Direct forwarding of orders entered into handheld devices, for example in gastronomy
  • Real-time updates of stock inventories through WLAN-based recording of goods in and goods out
  • Wireless networking for listed buildings

Tailor-made WLAN solutions

The number of WLAN providers on the market has grown rapidly in recent years. But which provider can supply the solution that best fits your customers' needs? Take a look at the outstanding features of LANCOM WLAN solutions:


  • Our complete WLAN product range provides professional WLAN for all indoor, industrial and outdoor applications, whatever the bandwidth demands (from 150 to 1,300 Mbps) and freely configurable WLAN radio modules working at 2.4 and 5 GHz.
  • With the innovative WLAN optimization package Active Radio Control (ARC), you can help your customers to lastingly optimize their local radio field. ARC proactively avoids interference sources and helps to use the full power of WLAN to best effect. For more information about ARC see our downloads.
  • Whether stand-alone or controller-based; LANCOM offers WLAN infrastructures that are scalable to any size and that also feature the central management and monitoring of all network components. Find out more about our Smart WLAN in the accompanying Smart WLAN controlling Techpaper in our Downloads

Our product range

We offer a comprehensive range of wireless networking solutions: From conventional indoor WLAN access points to the highly robust models for industrial and outdoor applications, and even specialized hotspot solutions for Internet guest-access accounts. High-performance wireless LAN controllers provide efficiency in WLAN management and they enforce the highest standards of security. Our WLAN Survey Services ensure that WLAN infrastructures are professionally planned in advance and implemented to best effect.

Online everywhere via hotspot

You as a professional will know that the increasing number of mobile devices is creating an unparalleled demand for hotspot solutions. Our hotspot solution, the LANCOM Public Spot option, is available as a software option for many of our hardware components. In comparison to other hotspot solutions, it offers particularly flexible features.

  • Secure network separation

    Using just a single network infrastructure, the local area network and the guest network operate in parallel, and yet they remain securely separated.
  • Automatic re-login

    Yet more convenience comes with the automatic re-login. Here, the hotspot recognizes devices it knows already and authenticates them automatically. For a defined period of time, there is no need to manually re-enter the access credentials.
  • Multiple login

    With the multiple login feature, the guest can use the same access credentials to authenticate several devices at the hotspot.
  • Self-registration at the hotspott

    Instead of using paper-based access vouchers that have to be issued by your staff, we offer a fully independent method for guests to sign-up to the hotspot by using, for example, e-mail or SMS.
  • PMS compatibility

    The LANCOM hotspot solution can be combined with external billing systems such as micros or protel. Using XML, RADIUS or FIAS, it can be linked with a variety of property management systems (PMS).
  • Bandwidth management

    As of firmware version LCOS 8.82, different bandwidths can be allocated to users.


Exclusive documents for download

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We offer the following materials for download:

  • Comparison of VPN routers
  • Comparison of switches
  • Comparison of CC-certified VPN routers
  • Comparison of WLAN access points
  • Comparison of WLAN controllers
  • Techpaper on "Active Radio Control"
  • Techpaper on "Smart WLAN controlling"
  • Techpaper on "Hotspot 2.0"


LANCOM – success in practice

Air Zermatt, Kamps GmbH, Ed. Züblin AG —this is just a selection of the many well-known companies that successfully operate LANCOM solutions today:

Bakers Craft Meets Modern Network

New cash register system brings modern network technology into more than 390 Kamps bakeries around Germany.

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Faster above the clouds with networks from the Cloud

In mountain rescue, every second counts – this is why the traditional Swiss helicopter company Air Zermatt has opted for a state-of-the-art SDN network infrastructure.

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Wireless network with “tunnel vision”

In Israel the joint venture Züblin - Jäger is building a tunnel to supply Jerusalem with water. A fail-proof wireless network 350 meters deep in the earth ensures communication without interruption.

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OLYMP Bezner GmbH - Komplettlösung für die Drahtloskommunikation in Logistik und Verwaltung IHK Reutlingen - Multi-Service-WLAN für Sprach- und Datenübertrgaung Bijou Brigitte - Zentral gesteuerte Filialvernetzung für 1150 Filialen Freie Hansestadt Bremen - Vernetzung aller Schulstandorte dtv | Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag - Mobile Vernetzung im gesamten Gebäude Studienkreis Nachhilfe - Vernetzung von 650 Schulen mit der Zentrale ASICS Europe B.V. - Leistungsfähige 802.11n Infrastruktur in der Europazentrale Rotes Kreuz Innsbruck - hochzuverlässige WLAN-Richtfunklösung macht Einsätze flexibler und effizienter TEDi - Umfassende Filialvernetzung mit Fernwartung der Kassensysteme in ca. 1200 Filialen TAKKO - Filialvernetzung für mehr als 1600 Standorte in 16 Ländern


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