PUR Award for network management and monitoring

LANCOM is a Champion again

LMC is the best rated network-management solution

LANCOM Systems wins the top position in the diamond result of the 2021 user survey “Professional User Rating IT-Operations (PUR IT-Ops)” by the analyst firm techconsult. This is the second consecutive ranking as “Champion. More than 2,400 users rated their experiences with “Network Management & Monitoring” solutions.

Second consecutive ranking as “Champion”

Absolute top marks were awarded by users for, among other things, the capabilities of the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) in terms of its performance, reliability, maintenance and remote functionality.

The LMC also achieved best ratings for its range of functions, with a particularly convincing detailed (real-time) monitoring and analysis of the network and the detection of unusual and suspicious behavior. Further top marks were awarded to the LANCOM solution for its user friendliness, and it was the only solution to receive the best rating in the configuration category. The consistently positive results for the rating of the solution are also reflected in the manufacturer rating. Here, too, LANCOM stands out in terms of innovation, overall product portfolio or service & support. The most striking thing is: LANCOM secured 1st place in nearly every category.

“This outstanding rating again shows that we are extremely well positioned for SD-WAN and Cloud Managed Wi-Fi. We are particularly pleased to have this confirmed by an independent analysis. Even more pleasing is that we secured the top position by quite a wide margin in the already thin field of Champions,” says LANCOM managing director Ralf Koenzen. The LMC is the basis for the LANCOM portfolio of solutions in Cloud Managed Networks, Cloud Managed Wi-Fi, SD-WAN, and SD-Branch.

techconsult - Professional User Rating ITO 2021

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Previous awards

2020 - LANCOM Management Cloud secured a place among the „Champions“

In the “Professional User Rating IT Operations” study published for the first time by analysts techconsult, right from the start it was LANCOM Systems who successfully jumped to the front row. More than 1,400 user companies rated their experiences of “Network Management & Monitoring” solutions. The LANCOM Management Cloud secured a place among the “Champions” with an overall rating that was well above average. Users particularly valued the solution’s capabilities. Respondents gave high marks for the organization, optimization and control of the network architecture as well as the system’s ability to dynamically adapt to changing requirements. The most valued aspect of the LANCOM Management Cloud is its high availability. The LMC also achieved top marks for its user-friendliness. The majority of the user companies claim to be highly satisfied with the solution.

The solution’s consistently above-average ratings are matched by an equally outstanding manufacturer rating. The majority of the companies surveyed would source a solution from LANCOM again.