Social commitment

Digitalization permeates every part of our working and private lives, and it is a driver of change. We are committed to the digital sovereignty of our country and society: We bring our expertise into consultations, we actively contribute to nonprofit associations and organizations in the interests of IT security, and we enable a competent and professional participation in digital technology, and also its development.



School cooperation, Heilig Geist Gymnasium Würselen

For five years LANCOM has been a partner of the HGG high school in Würselen. The cooperation was agreed in the 2009/10 school year, with signatures of the school directors and company management confirming the long-term and strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to transfer knowledge to the pupils about career choices, our industry and everyday work. We also supply the Heilig Geist Gymnasium an Internet connection via LTE, the associated infrastructure, and technical support.

Hardware engineer for a day

Each year, LANCOM invites schoolgirls to the "Girls' Day" event. Together with our colleagues from hardware development and quality management, we have developed a program to give the girls an easily comprehensible insight into the basics of our daily work: "Hardware development for beginners – the assembly, soldering and programming of micro-controllers".

LANCOM awards scholarships to RWTH university students

As a part of the North Rhine-Westphalia Scholarship Program, LANCOM provides annual support to up to four students of the RWTH Aachen. LANCOM thus promotes promising IT talent, who can fully concentrate on their computer science studies thanks to the financial support. We are especially pleased about the fact that we can already count the first graduates among our colleagues.


Software donation for the German child protection association

With 650 members, the Deutscher Kinderschutzbund (child protection association) in Aachen is one of the largest local organizations in Germany. Its members are committed to improving the living conditions of children and young people, parents and families. We assist in this important goal with the donation of VPN software, and we wish to draw attention to the importance of the work of the full-time and voluntary staff.

Cooperation with Ronald McDonald Haus Aachen

Since May 2014, LANCOM has sponsored one of the apartments in the Ronald McDonald Haus Aachen. Also, our employees volunteer to help the "Lilac House" with cookie baking and decorating campaigns. The Ronald McDonald Haus is a temporary home for the families of seriously ill children during their treatment and therapy at the Aachen University Hospital.

LANCOM and NetAachen bring Internet to the Café Life

Café Life in Aachen is an important meeting point for people with and without disabilities. With a special offer, the organization Lebenshilfe now makes the Café even more attractive: Free wireless Internet access is available to all visitors. The wireless LAN technology for the hotspot is provided by LANCOM free of charge. The local ISP NetAachen provides Internet access and handles the maintenance of the network .


LANCOM on Mars expeditions by the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF)

The Austrian Space Forum is developing a Mars spacesuit simulator. The development of the suit is a part of the international PolAres research program and serves as a concept study for a spacesuit for manned mars expeditions. Together with the University of Innsbruck and various research institutions all over the world, the ÖWF performs simulations of Mars walkabouts under extreme conditions in the mountains, in the desert or in caves to test the hardware under field conditions. LANCOM supports the ÖWF with hardware donations.

Cyber security & digital sovereignty

LANCOM is a partner of the "Alliance for Cyber Security"

As a recognized expert on secure networks and as a partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security as initiated by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) and the BITKOM industry association, we make an important contribution to the knowledge transfer between the manufacturer and the user companies. In one-day presence workshops at our LANCOM Training Center in Aachen, members of the Alliance learn how they can effectively protect their networks against attacks from the outside. Workshop dates are published on the Alliance website.

LANCOM supports DsiN

The association DsiN (Deutschland sicher im Netz – "Germany secure on the net") is committed to improving cyber security for citizens and small and medium-sized businesses. We support DsiN financially and with the know-how to achieve this important goal. Patron of DsiN is Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

LANCOM against router coercion

Since 2013 and as one of a group of 22 manufacturers of telecommunications terminal equipment, we have been committed to prohibiting the coercion by providers to use certain routers for Internet access. We see the free choice of terminal equipment as a vital key to greater digital sovereignty for the user, better cyber security, greater innovation, and to free competition, which benefits all of us.