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CSR strategy

Responsibility in the digital age

The digitalization of our economy and society is going on all around us. The real and virtual worlds are inexorably becoming one large network. The increasing flood of data and the global flow of information are driving forces for efficiency and innovation. At the same time they raise new challenges to IT security, reliable data transmission, critical infrastructures, data protection, informational self-determination, and protection against cyber crime.


As a leading German manufacturer of networking solutions, we take responsibility in the digital age. At LANCOM we consider security, reliability and future viability to be our top priorities – not only in terms of our products but also in our day-to-day actions. We pursue a stakeholder-based CSR approach that closely aligns with our core business, our brand, and our mission statement. We wish to take advantage of emerging opportunities, while at the same time applying foresight to reduce economic, ecological and social risk. It is our goal to be a reliable employer, partner and market player in the long term.


LANCOM Management Board Sustainability Commitment

CSR Performance

Image of the Ecovadis silver award 2021

CSR Benchmark

Once again we have been awarded the Ecovadis Silver medal for responsible conduct in the environment, labor practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement. More about

Sustainability code 2018

Report based on the German Sustainability Code

In our declaration on the German Sustainability Code (DNK), we relate how sustainability is put into actual practice at LANCOM. We create transparency and comparability by presenting our sustainability performance in accordance with the 20 DNK criteria. This standard was developed by the German Council for Sustainable Development upon the commission of the German Federal Government together with representatives of the business community. LANCOM's declaration of compliance can be viewed in the database of the German Sustainability Code.

Contributing to the Global Sustainability Agenda

Sustainable Development Goals - Logo

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lay down the key global challenges of our time. It is the task of all social actors and hence also the task of business enterprises to actively tackle these challenges. The SDGs offer a broad framework which companies can use as a guide and orientation in their operations to ensure sustainability.

LANCOM's Sustainable Development Goals

We concentrate on the key SDGs for LANCOM, acquainting and sensitising our employees to the notion of sustainability in order to strengthen their commitment at our company over the long term. This creates solid foundations upon which to discuss and initiate product and process optimisation.

The most important SDGs for LANCOM (8, 9, 16) align closely with our business model. Other key SDGs (3, 4, 12, 13, 17) bear relevance to the field in which we operate or relate to our target sectors.

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