Linkyfi by AVSystem

WiFi Management & Indoor Location

Advanced solution for WiFi access management, analytics, location services & proximity marketing


AVSystem's WiFi VAS-Portfolio includes two solutions - Linkyfi and Linkyfi Location Engine which combined enable geo-fencing and advanced proximity marketing.

Linkify Location Engine is a smart WiFi solution for detecting and locating WiFi-embedded devices. It aggregates the data collected by access points about WiFi end-devices RSSI in real-time and presents the data in form of historical and real-time heat maps. It is also an analytic tool that provides real-time and historical statistics about unique and regular clients, such as footfall, a number of localized and logged clients as well as clients within a Wifi range.


Linkyfi, on the other hand, is a public WiFi access management solution and a powerful WiFi marketing platform. It enables to create customized and branded captive portals with different ways of logging in, such as social media, questionnaire, or a confirmation email. It also collects the data and stores it in a user-friendly platform.


  • Customized login flows and branded captive portals
  • Customer segmentation based on
  • Ultra-scalability up to 50.000 access points
  • Navigation in a web browser
  • Indoor location analytics


  • WiFi access management
  • Analytics
  • Location services
  • Proximity marketing


  • WiFi marketing
  • Reporting and insights
  • Heat maps
  • Guest WiFi management


  • Europe

LANCOM Partner

AVSystem is a leading technology solution provider for telcosand enterprises around the world. With over 10 years of experience in advanced and scalable device and service management, AVSystem built its WiFi VAS product line to offer a variety of value-added services for WiFi networks.

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