Software-defined branch is the radical simplification of the management of branch networks by means of hyper integration. Chain stores benefit from being able to centrally configure and monitor their entire network portfolio in their own cloud-based management system, the LANCOM Management Cloud.


Virtual private networks (VPN) are an economical solution for inter-connecting numerous sites, even if they are separated by great distances. VPNs use the public Internet as a medium for communications over connections that are fully secured against access from the outside.

Genuine IT security means more than just protection against attacks from the outside. Internal interfaces need to be secure from intruders as well. The LANCOM portfolio of managed switches enables you to implement your individual security requirements for your internal network.

Network Switch

Wherever the Internet is needed quickly and without complication, or at locations where DSL is unavailable, a wireless connection via cellular networks is the ideal solution. Be it a primary connection or a backup for maximum operational reliability: LTE/4G mobile networks are easy and flexible to install.

Secure and reliable connections via 4G

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