Take advantage of the many benefits of wireless networks. WLAN infrastructures are quickly installed without any changes to the building, they are flexible, expandable and always offer a high level of mobility and convenience for the growing number of wireless devices.

Usage of indoor wireless LAN with a laptop

The Wireless ePaper solutions from LANCOM enable you to implement electronic room signage and help your company to appear even more modern and attractive. Our ePaper solutions offer versatility, automated processes, and a reduction in overall operating costs.

Wireless ePaper Display used for digital room signage

Internet access plays an increasingly important role in the outdoors. the ideal solution comes in the form of the outdoor access points from LANCOM. They support applications such as providing a hotspot for your guests, or connecting secluded locations to the central network via point-to-point links.

Use of outdoor wireless LAN in nature

With the LANCOM hotspot solutions you can offer your vistors professional guest access to your wireless network – and separate the guest network from your company’s network at the same time. LANCOM solutions can adapt perfectly to the size of your network—and to your budget.

Efficient working with the help of a hotspot

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