LANCOM Management Cloud
  • LANCOM Management Cloud

LANCOM Management Cloud

The New Dimension in Network Management

The Management Cloud from LANCOM sets new standards in the intelligent, application-oriented, and future-proof management and monitoring of networks. An intuitive user interface enables users to centrally design and manage any size of network based on software-defined technology: The manual configuration of network components is no longer required! The result: Full transparency and a clear overview of every device and activity on the network combined with maximum control and security.

Network management made easy

Features of the LANCOM Management Cloud

  • Professional & user-friendly management and monitoring
  • Easy and versatile deployment of WAN, LAN, and WLAN
  • 24/7 network monitoring & alerting
  • Central policy rollout
  • For the smallest to the largest of projects
  • Multi-tenancy & multi-project capability
  • Public, Private & self-hosted Cloud
LANCOM Management Cloud
Reduced operating costs
Easy management
Rapid deployment
Maximum security

Software-defined Networking

Network orchestration and automation through software-defined technology

With software-defined networking the complexity of individual device configurations is handled by the software, which allows administrators to focus on the framework conditions for the network's overall design. The LANCOM Management Cloud as a solution makes even complex scenarios easy to understand and takes networks to a whole new level of performance.

Multi-tenancy and multi-project capabilities open-up new business models for specialist resellers, systems vendors, and integrators. Services such as IaaS are easily implemented and integrated into a range of offerings. You can find out more about SDN and the LANCOM Management Cloud in our FAQs


  • SD-WAN:
    Automatic setup of VPN tunnels to connect remote workers, company sites, and home offices
  • SD-LAN:
    Automatic VLAN configuration & central port profiles
  • SD-WLAN:
    Automatic wireless LAN configuration for multiple networks (Multi-SSID) incl. separated networks, e.g. for visitors

A full range of solutions—tried and tested millions of times

All current LANCOM products are “Cloud-ready”—all it takes is a free firmware update.

By combining proven systems with innovative technologies, LANCOM offers a unique all-round solution for contemporary network architectures. By abstracting the management of any number of different devices into a single interface, network management is now efficient and transparent like never before. Companies benefit not only from unsurpassed flexibility and scalability, but also from the rapid implementation of changes or new requirements on their network.

Cloud-ready: LANCOM routers & VPN gateways

Gateways / Routers

  • For VDSL, ADSL, fiber, LTE / 4G
  • IPSec VPN site connectivity
  • Secure network virtualization by ARF
Cloud-ready: LANCOM access points

Access Points

  • For indoor, industrial, and outdoor use
  • Highspeed IEEE 802.11ac support
  • Wireless ePaper & iBeacon
Cloud-ready: LANCOM switches


  • Managed switches with 10 to 52 ports
  • PoE power supply
  • Security and QoS functions

WAN scenarios

  • Auto-IPSec VPN
  • Stateful inspection firewall
  • Network virtualization (ARF, VLAN)
  • WAN load balancing
  • Traffic prioritization (QoS)
  • Web content filtering
  • IP ISDN gateway + SBC
  • Full IPv4/IPv6 support

Wi-Fi scenarios

  • RF Optimization
  • Spectral Scan
  • Band Steering
  • Strong encryption (WPA, WPA2)
  • IEEE 802.1X access control (NAC)
  • Full hotspot integration
  • Multi-SSID & network virtualization
  • Fast Roaming

LAN scenarios

  • IEEE 802.1X access control (NAC)
  • Full IPv4/IPv6 support
  • PoE management & monitoring
  • Traffic prioritization (QoS)
  • Network virtualization (VLAN)
  • Link aggregation
  • Energy-efficient Ethernet

Scenarios - for networks any size

Single site – small businesses

If you run a small business at a single site, the LANCOM Management Cloud offers you top-class network management. In no time at all you integrate the whole of your LANCOM infrastructure, including access points, switches and routers, and the Public Cloud offers you the easy and central management of your network. Be it for high-speed Internet access, setting up WLAN profiles, or integrating new devices—the LANCOM Management Cloud meets all your needs. And best of all: the LMC grows with you, so there's always room to spare when you extend your infrastructure.


LANCOM Management Cloud for small businesses

Multi site – medium-sized enterprises with several sites

Companies operating at several sites have high expectations of their network infrastructure. It should securely interconnect all of the sites, and its management should be efficient and centralized. The LANCOM Management Cloud meets these needs and offers an outstanding user experience. Be it for high-speed Internet access, setting up WLAN profiles, or integrating new devices—once configured, the processes are fully automated and sites are securely connected via auto-IPSec VPN. Centralized management is offered not only by the Public Cloud, but alternatively by the Private or self-hosted versions—it's up to you where you want to host your data.

LANCOM Management Cloud for mid-size businesses

Large-scale enterprises – extensive distributed networks

For large companies with numerous dispersed sites, the LANCOM Management Cloud solution offers easy and efficient network management of the highest order. The LMC offers the central and user-friendly handling of complex networks. Be it multi-VPN site connectivity via the highly scalable LANCOM vRouters, high-speed Internet access for all connections, zero-touch integration of switches & access points, or the easy set-up of one or more WLAN profiles—the LANCOM Management Cloud adapts itself perfectly to your network infrastructure. Automated workflows and central management via the Private / self-hosted cloud in your own data center offer you maximum control, massive time savings, and flexible expansion options.

LANMCOM Management Cloud for large companies

Tailored to your needs

One system for all components

Centralized and consistent management of all LANCOM gateways, routers, switches, and access points in any LAN, WAN, and WLAN infrastructure.

Your operating model? Your choice!

The LMC is available now as a "Public Cloud" variant hosted in Germany, as a "Private Cloud" variant hosted by any system vendor, or as a self-hosting variant located at the end customer's own premises.

High security of investment

LANCOM devices currently in operation are made Cloud-ready by a firmware update—no hardware replacements required! They can at any time be reassigned to different projects, and you can even return them to conventional configuration and operation again!


Security Made in Germany

Gateways, routers, access points, the LCOS operating system, and the LANCOM Management Cloud are developed and manufactured in Germany. By hosting the Public Cloud in Germany, data security and legally compliant handling are guaranteed.

From SMB to large enterprise

For small networks, for companies with multiple sites, or even for large infrastructures with thousands of devices.

Channel in focus

LMC offers multi-tenancy and multi-project capabilities, which opens up new business models for specialist resellers, systems vendors, and integrators.

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