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LCOS 10.0

A new milestone

Your LANCOM devices now support Software-defined Networking (SDN) technology, which brings you hyper-integrated network management with the LANCOM Management Cloud. You also benefit from full transparency of your data traffic, because thanks to layer-7 application detection you always have the overview of the applications and services (such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.) that are operating on your network. You get even greater versatility in the wireless LAN with a Bonjour proxy on your routers. This allows the Bonjour protocol to operate across layer-2 boundaries. This way you can implement ZeroConf services (such as Airprint, Airplay, etc.) even in business infrastructures that operate with network virtualization (ARF).


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LANCOM Management Cloud

All LANCOM devices go “Cloud-ready”*

LCOS 10.0 lays the cornerstone for hyper-integrated network management—your LANCOM devices are made “Cloud-ready”! The LANCOM Management Cloud is the world‘s first hyper-integrated management system that intelligently organizes, optimizes, and controls your entire network architecture. State-of-the-art software-defined networking technology drastically simplifies the provision of integrated networks – the manual configuration of individual devices has become a thing of the past. The system adjusts dynamically to your wishes and requirements, it offers maximum security, and it is fit for the future. The system is hosted precisely according to your wishes: In your company‘s Private Cloud or in the Public Cloud – hosted in Germany by the leading German manufacturer of integrated networking solutions.


*All current and more than 380,000 LANCOM devices in the field support LCOS 10 or LANCOM Switch OS 3.30!

Further highlights

Full transparency with layer-7 application detection

Illustration layer7 application detection

Knowing what the bandwidth in your network is actually being used for can be crucial in any industry. Layer-7 application detection gives you a completely transparent overview. This means that LANmonitor or the LANCOM Management Cloud deliver clear insights into exactly which applications and services (such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.) are operating anywhere on the network—true added value for all-round network monitoring.



Bonjour Proxy

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The Bonjour protocol offers Wi-Fi clients the fast and automatic discovery of network devices, so that printing and streaming applications (such as Airprint, Airplay, etc.) work without prior manual configuration. This is even better when it functions across networks: The Bonjour proxy allows the Bonjour protocol to operate across layer-2 boundaries. In this way you can implement ZeroConf services even in scenarios that operate with network virtualization (ARF).

Further feature

Support for RADIUS CoA (change of authorization) in the WLAN

RADIUS CoA operates on the wireless LAN to throttle the bandwidth available to associated clients even for current sessions, and can even log the client off. This gives administrators more control, for example if data-volume budgets are exceeded.




Note: Before any LCOS update, be sure to backup your current device configuration. Devices featuring the "Firmsafe" function have the option of an initial "test mode" firmware upload. The new firmware is activated permanently only if the device has been accessed with a log-in or for configuration purposes before the pre-set time period has expired. Otherwise, the device switches back to its former version.

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