• LANCOM GS-1108P


Unmanaged 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch with Power over Ethernet for reliable networks

The LANCOM GS-1108P is ideal for operation in smaller offices, business premises, and home offices. It provides reliable networking of up to 8 network components and, with a switching capacity of up to 16 Gbps, it handles large data volumes with ease. By supporting Power over Ethernet IEEE 802 3af/at on all ports, the switch is an efficient way of supplying power to PoE-enabled network components—no separate power cabling is required. The switch has an integrated power supply adapter and, with its robust non-slip metal housing, it is highly resistant to everyday knocks. The package includes an adapter for 19"-cabinet mounting.


High power output on 8 ports

The LANCOM GS-1108P is equipped with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports. With a data throughput of 16 Gbps on the backplane, it offers full performance even under load. This switch is a high-performance basis for modern network infrastructures in small and home offices.

Centralized power supply without additional cabling

The LANCOM GS-1108P is a high-performance PoE switch that directly powers PoE devices connected to it; there is no need of additional power supply units or cabling. It supports the two Power-over-Ethernet standards, IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at (PoE+). It has high power-output reserves and an overall output of 60 Watts makes it an efficient power supply for PoE devices.

Space-saving and quiet

The integrated power supply makes the LANCOM GS-1108 a real space saver that finds its place even in the smallest offices. Its integrated fan is extremely quiet, making the switch an ideal desktop switch for small installations.

Robust metal housing

The robust and non-slip metal housing is effective protection for the desktop switch against outside influences as it is highly resistant to everyday knocks. The supplied adapter additionally allows the device to be mounted in a standard 19" cabinet.

Technical features

  • Compact 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for reliable networking of small offices and the efficient power supply of PoE-enabled network components
  • PoE support as per IEEE 802.3af/at with 60 W power consumption for efficient and centralized power supply
  • Integrated power supply unit and quiet fan
  • Robust, shock-resistant metal housing with maximum slip-resistance
  • Adapters for 19" cabinet mounting included


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