Routers & VPN gateways

The routers in networks at different company sites are interconnected via secure data channels (virtual private networks, or VPN) in order to achieve secure and confidential communications. The VPN concept takes advantage of the wide availability of the Internet and adds the aspect of security. The results are maximum spatial flexibility and cost-optimized processes.

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Cost-efficient communications and the secure exchange of confidential data


This is just a sample of the functions available when company sites are inter-connected over a secure data channel (VPN). The VPN concept exploits the wide availability of the Internet and adds all aspects of security. Leased lines are no longer required and it offers geographical flexibility. VPNs are suitable for all sizes of business and allow branch offices, home offices, and mobile staff to be connected securely.


We offer solutions for challenging scenarios:

  • Secure site and branch-office connectivity
  • Wired or wireless Internet access
  • Comprehensive management of network environments
  • Mobile access to company networks
  • Home-office connectivity
  • Integration of production and logistics for real-time data acquisition

LANCOM offers an extensive range of inter-compatible networking components: Performance routers, central-site gateways, switches, a variety of clients and options provide networks over DSL, wireless LAN and even networking via UMTS. A great example of our highly user-friendly products is our "1-Click-VPN", a tool that lets you set up a secure VPN connection with a single mouse click.

Highly rated: LANCOM's own operating system LCOS as installed on all routers and gateways. That means that once you know how to configure one device, you can configure them all. By the way: LCOS is updated several times a year. That is our approach for holistic, professional network design.

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