Picture to show the software lifecycle of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

Lifecycle Management

Overview over the software versions of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

Reliable and future-proof planning is essential for you as an administrator. On this page we offer you a tabular overview of the software versions of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.

Due to the listed End-of-Life dates, you can see the period within which each Advanced VPN Client version receives feature updates and technical manufacturer support.

    LANCOM Advanced VPN Client software overview

    VPN Client Windows

    Software version EOL date
    4.0x April 2021
    3.1x October 2020
    3.0x January 2019
    2.3x January 2017
    2.30 April 2016
    2.2x October 2015
    2.1x October 2014
    2.0 July 2012
    1.3 October 2010

    VPN Client macOS

    Software version EOL date
    3.0x July 2020
    3.1x July 2020
    2.0x January 2019
    2.0x October 2014
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