LANCOM 1781-4G (CC)
  • LANCOM 1781-4G (CC)
  • LANCOM 1781-4G (CC)

End of sale: LANCOM 1781-4G (CC)

High-performance business VPN router with integrated modem for LTE

The professional VPN router LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) is ideal for public authorities, institutions, and commercial organizations that need a high level of security in theirdata communications: The LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) is intended for high-security operations based on CC EAL 4+. The certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) guarantees that the evaluation of the LANCOM products meets worldwide highest standards. The evaluation level CC EAL 4+ is the highest level of certification a commercial network product can achieve. On top of that, the LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) comes with a field-proven scope of functionalities and interfaces. Comprehensive VPN functions enable remote sites to access the company network securely. With its built-in cellular modem that supports LTE, the LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) makes a reality of wireless Internet connectivity with speeds of up to 100 Mbps – a true 'last mile' alternative for public authorities and companies in locations without wired broadband. An extensive range of VPN functions enable remote sites to access the company network securely and at high speeds. The four ports of the integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch ensure maximum performance and are also energy-efficient based on IEEE 802.3az: If an interface is not being used to transmit data, the power consumption is automatically shut off. In addition the LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) supplies everything that a modern network needs, such as a powerful firewall.


More data security.

Certified IT security: Made in Germany. The LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) is ideal for public authorities, institutions, and commercial organizations that require the security level "CC EAL 4+" (Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation, Evaluation Assurance Level 4+) as specified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This internationally recognized seal of approval guarantees the security and confidentiality of the LANCOM 1781-4G (CC), which an independent body has methodically examined and tested to level 4. Hence, the LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) provides certified protection against cyber attacks to cross-site networks with pronounced security requirements and to critical infrastructures.

More performance.

The LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) provides a balanced and modern hardware platform for a reliable operation of enterprise networks around the clock. As a professional business router, the device meets with high standards in the areas of network virtualization, security, and VPN networking. At the same time, its computing power, storage capacity, and the high-speed interfaces ensure excellent network performance even at times of heavy data traffic.

More virtualization.

The LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) helps you to use your IT resources more efficiently and save costs. The device can simultaneously support multiple, independent networks. This is made possible by the powerful technology Advanced Routing and Forwarding (ARF). The ARF function on the LANCOM 1781-4G (CC) provides up to sixteen virtual networks, each with its own routing and firewall settings.

The LANCOM security pledge.

LANCOM Systems GmbH is a German enterprise, with German management board, which is not subject to legal regulations or the influence of other states, requiring the implementation of backdoors or allow the sniffing of unencrypted data. The LANCOM portfolio for high-security site connectivity provides networks of enterprises and public authorities a comprehensive, guaranteed backdoor-free, and BSI-certified protection (CC EAL 4+) against cyber attacks.

Tecnical features

  • Certified IT security "Made in Germany" – CC EAL 4+ compliant
  • Ideal for highly secure site connectivity and the protection of critical sub-areas
  • Integrated multimode LTE modem, backwards compatible to HSPA+, HSxPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS
  • Energy-efficient Gigabit switch based on IEEE 802.3az
  • Secure VPN site connectivity with 5 simultaneous IPSec VPN channels (25 channels optional)
  • Network virtualization with up to 16 virtual networks on one device (ARF)
  • Powerful firewall with intrusion detection/Denial-of-Service protection

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