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VPN solutions for every demand

As much home office as you need

Once again, conferences, trade fairs and business trips are cancelled, customer visits are limited and staying at home is recommended. Many companies have already reacted in the past year and set up home office and mobile working offerings for their employees.

The renewed leap in demand for our LANCOM VPN client has certainly shown us that even companies that have not yet implemented this working model are now rethinking their approach.

Find out here how to set up secure LANCOM home office solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Clients for the employees and upgrades for the routers

LANCOM Advanced VPN Clients securely connect mobile employees to the corporate network with a single click. However, as the number of connections to the corporate network grows, the corresponding router capabilities also need to be upgraded.

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With the LANCOM VPN Options you can easily and quickly upgrade your company's routers - and at the same time ensure sustainability and save resources, as no new hardware is required.


Most business VPN routers from LANCOM come with a factory configuration of 5 IPSec VPN channels and can be upgraded to up to 25 VPN parallel connections via a software option.


In view of the new requirements, we have further expanded our portfolio by adding the following options:

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The VPN capacities of our bandwidth professionals, the LANCOM 1900 series, can now be massively increased. With the LANCOM VPN 100 option, the routers can securely connect up to 100 sites or remote employees to the corporate network at the same time.


The LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls not only protect you from cyberattacks such as viruses, malware, spam, phishing, and Trojans. They also offer secure site networking via IPSec VPN. The LANCOM VPN 100 Option can likewise be activated on the UF-160 model and here, too, provides an extension of the standard configuration from 25 to up to 100 parallel VPN connections.

Tip: For all small companies, offices, law firms or medical practices using a Small Business Router of the LANCOM 88x series, there is now the possibility to upgrade the VPN capacities as well. The upgrade via LANCOM Enterprise Option increases the number of simultaneously available VPN channels from three to five, and is also the basis for a further expansion to up to 25 VPN channels with the LANCOM VPN 25 Option.

Top specialist dealers in your area: Here you will find the authorized LANCOM dealers

For LANCOM endcustomers: Simply place your order with your local Business Partner or directly contact LANCOM and you will receive your licenses quickly afterwards.

Now available for LANCOM reseller partners: digital licenses via email

LANCOM is pleased to announce, that we are able to issue a Digital License Support for the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client and the LANCOM VPN Options as the fastest way of procurement and deployment. Simply refer to your local Distributor, place your order and you will receive your licenses quickly via email.

If you - as a reseller - don't have an existing partnership, please reach out to LANCOM directly.

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Home office – working securely from home

In many companies working from home office is the order of the day. Even companies, that were previously sceptical about this working model are rethinking their approach.

Find out in our latest  White Paper how the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client enables you to connect securely to your company network and work from any location at any time, as if you were on your company premises.

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VPN Champion for the fifth time in a row

By once again winning the title of champion in the Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution area in the 2021 “Professional User Rating Security Solutions (PUR-S)” user survey conducted by analyst firm techconsult, LANCOM Systems has become the first manufacturer to win this title so many times in a row, defending its top position in the results diamond.
Find out more.

Everything about the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

What scope of functionalities does the demo version of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client offer?

The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client offers a free 30-day demo version with the full range of functions.

Please note: A maximum of three unlicensed VPN connections can be established to the remote VPN station.

Can I import my VPN profile into several end devices and apply it simultaneously?

VPN user profiles can basically be imported into several VPN client installations (e.g. different computers). However, only one session at a time is possible per VPN profile.

Where can I see how many VPN connections are active?

Active VPN client connections can be clearly viewed via LANmonitor.

As an administrator, can I deactivate VPN connections centrally?

Selected VPN dial-up connections can be deactivated via LANconfig or WEBconfig if required.

Can I also use the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client in combination with LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls?

Yes, with the current operating system LCOS FX 10.4, LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls offer the option of setting up import profiles for the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.

Can I extend my LANCOM router with additional VPN connections?

With the LANCOM VPN Option, the number of VPN channels can be extended depending on the LANCOM device. For example, all LANCOM routers from the 17xx series are shipped with 5 VPN tunnels and can also be expanded to up to 25 tunnels. Find out more here


With the LANCOM Enterprise Option you can expand the existing 3 to 5 IPSec VPN channels and the 2 already integrated to 16 ARF networks and enable the enterprise routing protocols BGP and OSPF in your LANCOM VoIP routers of the 8xx series.

NEW: You can now obtain a free 30-day demo license for our LANCOM VPN options LANCOM VPN 25 and VPN 50. From now on, this allows you to increase the available VPN channels very quickly, flexibly and, above all, unbureaucratically. During the 30-day free trial period, the trial licenses offered have no functional restrictions whatsoever compared to the purchase of the option. Generate now

Where can I find more information about installation, product activation, setup of the VPN access and more details?

Our support Knowledge Base offers all users a collection of articles on the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client in a comprehensive overview.

Just try out!

The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client can conveniently be downloaded free of charge as a fully functional 30-day trial version*:


LANCOM Advanced VPN Client for Windows

LANCOM Advanced VPN Client for macOS


*Note: The trial license is limited to 3 users per central site gateway.

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