AirLancer Extender O-30
  • AirLancer Extender O-30

End of Sale: AirLancer Extender O-30

Directional WLAN antenna with 30° beam angle

The LANCOM AirLancer Extender O-30 is a weatherproof directional antenna that is ideal for connecting distant buildings via the 2.4-GHz band. A beam-spread angle of about 30° together with the high antenna gain of 14 dBi allows the bridging of distances up to 3 km where environmental conditions allow.

Technical features

  • WLAN directional antenna with 30° beam angle and 14 dBi gain (2.4 GHz) for covering distances up to 3 km
  • Accessories for wall and pole mounting included
  • Ideal for connection to all LANCOM outdoor access points via the permanently attached 9-meter cable
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