AirLancer Extender O-360-3G
  • AirLancer Extender O-360-3G

End of sale: AirLancer Extender O-360-3G

Omni-directional multi-band antenna for GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA

The AirLancer Extender O-360-3G provides signal reception for devices in buildings with poor indoor mobile reception, for example in cellars, in buildings with metal roofs or facades, and also in construction trailers. The antenna is omni-directional, which makes installation very simple: The O-360-3G simply has to be installed anywhere outside the building. The antenna does not have to be directed towards the nearest UMTS base station. The antenna beam pattern is 360°x45°, antenna gain is 4 dBi.

Technical features

  • For indoor and outdoor operation with 4 dBi
  • Mounting kit, cables and adapters included
  • Suitable for LANCOM Indoor and Outdoor 3G Routers
  • Temperature range: -40° to 80°C
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