LANCOM Fax Gateway Option
  • LANCOM Fax Gateway Option

LANCOM Fax Gateway Option

The professional solution for fax servers

  • Receive and send fax via the LANCOM router
  • Send 2 – 8 faxes in parallel depending on the router model
  • "Hard fax" in the router—no problems with server updates or system maintenance
  • Significantly more stable fax transmission in the LAN
  • Ideal for server virtualization, migration and backup
  • Only usable on an external ISDN connection


Unified Communications (UC) promises a revolution by providing us with communications media wherever we are. And yet many UC-solution providers are strangely quiet about a core element of business communications: Fax support. The seamless integration of fax into everyday business provides considerable benefits:


Employees receive faxes directly in their e-mail inbox, and documents can be sent by fax immediately after writing—there's no need for printing out or archiving. Fax messages can be received at mobile devices and at the home office. There is no need for you to dial a fax number; you simply select a contact from your address book. Incoming faxes are automatically forwarded to the relevant contact person.


The LANCOM Fax Gateway Option enables up to eight faxes to be sent and received simultaneously via the LANCOM router. No ISDN boards, no fax modems—thanks to this robust hard-fax solution for fax servers, your LANCOM with its Fax Gateway Option makes it convenient, efficient and reliable to send and receive fax in the whole of your network.

Tested with:


Supported devices

Router model ISDN So (BRI) max. Fax channels
LANCOM 1781x series
LANCOM 1783x series
4, max. 2 to the exchange
LANCOM 1784VA series
8, max. 4 to the exchange

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