• LANCOM GS-2328F


The fiber-optic node for your LAN

This fully managed switch is a high-performance distribution-layer device for internally networking further switches. It offers high stability for enterprise applications such as VoIP, streaming, and data backup, even when handling large volumes of traffic. It is equipped with 20 SFP ports, 4 combo ports (TP/SFP), and 4 additional SFP+ ports offering 10 Gigabit Ethernet support. Orchestrated from the LANCOM Management Cloud, it is configured efficiently and automatically by SD-LAN.

Technical features

  • 20 SFP ports, 4 combo ports (TP/SFP), and 4 SFP+ ports (10 Gbps)
  • Fiber-optic support on all ports
  • SD-LAN – automatic switch configuration via the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • Security with configurable access control on all ports as per IEEE 802.1X
  • Secure remote management through TACACS+, SSH, SSL, and SNMPv3
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support for modern enterprise networks
  • 5-year warranty on all components


High power output on 28 ports

The LANCOM GS-2328F is equipped with 20 SFP ports, 4 combo ports (TP/SFP), and 4 additional SFP+ ports offering 10 Gigabit Ethernet support. With a data throughput of 128 Gbps on the backplane, it offers full performance even under maximum load. This makes it ideal as a central network distribution-layer device for connecting further switches in modern network infrastructures, whatever the industry or application.

Interference-free high-speed transmissions over several kilometers

LANCOM GS-2328F supports fiber optics on all 28 ports, so it masters high-speed data transmissions over distances of several kilometers. This makes it ideal for companies with widespread or large buildings. Another advantage: The use of fiber optics makes the network significantly more versatile and more resistant to electromagnetic interference, because fiber-optic cables can be installed next to other cables without problem.

Data transmission by 10 Gigabit

The LANCOMGS-2328F features 4 SFP+ ports supporting speeds of up to 10 Gbps. What's more, these ports can be bundled by LACP as per IEEE 802.3ad to achieve speeds of up to 40 Gbps. Your network offers noticeably higher performance, greater reliability, and even more speed.

Software-defined LAN

The LANCOM Management Cloud opens the way to the most advanced switch management: Software-defined LAN (SD-LAN). SD-LAN orchestrates the port profiles for each switch and automatically assigns the necessary network configuration, e.g. the required VLANs. At the click of a mouse, switch configurations that are fully customized to each site's network architecture are simultaneously rolled-out or updated.

Configurable access control

The LANCOM GS-2328F stops rogue clients from gaining unauthorized access to the network. This is ensured by secured access control on all ports as per IEEE 802.1X (port-based, single, multi, and MAC-based).

Secure remote management

Secure communication protocols such as SSH, SSL and SNMPv3 mean that the LANCOM GS-2328F is ideal for the professional remote management of networks. The switch also supports the TACACS+ protocol for authentication, authorization and accounting. This optimized solution promises maximum security for multi-site network management and monitoring.

IPv6 and IPv4 support

Thanks to the dual-stack implementation, the LANCOM GS-2328F operates in pure IPv4, pure IPv6, or in mixed networks. This means that it can be managed via both IP address standards, which makes it fully future-proof.

5-year warranty

Every day, our customers rely on products manufactured in Germany to the highest standards of quality. These quality standards also include fast help, just in case things should go wrong. This is why the LANCOM GS-2328F comes with a standard warranty of 5 years.

Reliable failover from the backup power supply

As a central distributor for reliable internal networking, the LANCOM GS-2328F absolutely needs to be constantly available. For a high degree of failover reliability in the event of power-source failure, the LANCOM GS-2328F features an additional connector for external 24 to 72-volt power supplies.


Days become minutes

Optimally alligned, the LANCOM switch portfolio is suitable and applicable for complex, distributed networking scenarios. Thanks to SD-LAN over the Management Cloud, formerly manual device configuration is replaced by automated network orchestration. Each and every switch and access point at the various sites operates with a fine-tuned configuration.


Easy switch configuration

SD-LAN orchestrates the port profiles for each switch and automatically assigns the necessary VLANs to the desired switch ports. Configurations can can be synchronized across locations with regard to the network architecture and rolled-out or updated simultaneously at the click of a mouse.


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