Hot swappable power supply unit for the LANCOM GS-3152XSP

Hot swappable power supply unit for the LANCOM GS-3152XSPThis modular power supply unit, as an optional extension of the LANCOM GS-3152XSP, is the ideal solution for business-critical network environments that require maximum reliability or a maximum PoE budget. The application of this PSU (Power Supply Unit) enables either the creation of a redundant power supply with the option of changing the power supply unit during operation or doubling your PoE budget and thus the maximum supply of all 48 PoE ports with 30 watts of power each.

Technical features

  • 920 watts power supply unit
  • Improved failover of the LANCOM GS-3152XSP
  • Hot-swappable - can be applied during operation
  • 820 watts PoE power supply for the connected switch
  • 1640 watts PoE power supply when used as a second PSU


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