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  • LANCOM vRouter

LANCOM vRouter

Virtualized performance for best scalability

The LANCOM vRouter is a software-based router for operation in virtualized environments based on a hypervisor like VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, or Microsoft Azure. With its comprehensive range of functions and the numerous security features based on the operating system LCOS, it offers the best basis for modern infrastructures. Be it as a virtual VPN router (vCPE), as central-site VPN gateway (vGateway), or as WLAN controller (vWLC), it is ideally suited for systems integrators, service providers, and for operation in medium-sized and large enterprises.

License model

Be it as a router (vCPE), as a central-site VPN gateway (vGateway), or virtual WLAN controller (vWLC), the LANCOM vRouter is the right basis for modern networks. The LANCOM vRouter is available as runtime-based variants for flexible sizes and performance requirements.


VPN router (vCPE)

  • LANCOM vRouter 50
    (50 Mbps, 10 VPN channels, 8x ARF, 128 public spot users, WLAN controller functions for up to 10 access points/WLAN routers, runtime of 1 to 3 years)

  • LANCOM vRouter 250
    (250 Mbps, 50 VPN channels, 16x ARF, 128 public spot users, WLAN controller functions for up to 50 access points/WLAN routers, runtime of 1 to 3 years)


Central-site VPN gateway (vGateway)

  • LANCOM vRouter 500
    (500 Mbps, 100 VPN channels, 64x ARF, unlimited public spot users, WLAN controller functions for up to 100 access points/WLAN routers, runtime of 1 or 3 years)

  • LANCOM vRouter 1000
    (1000 Mbps, 200 VPN channels, 128x ARF, unlimited public spot users, WLAN controller functions for up to 200 access points/WLAN routers, runtime of 1 to 3 years)

  • LANCOM vRouter unlimited
    (unlimited Mbps, 1000 VPN channels, 256x ARF, unlimited public spot users, WLAN controller functions for up to 1,000 access points/WLAN routers runtime of 1 to 3 years)



Network Function Virtualization

The LANCOM vRouter offers you maximum versatility in terms of performance and network size, and thus ideal adaptation to your individual infrastructure. It replaces hardware components in classic infrastructures and enables optimally scalable networking thanks to the virtualization of network functions (NFV).


Classic infrastructure

Classic style scenario with a gateway

In classical infrastructures, the headquarters and the branch offices are securely interconnected by a cluster of central site VPN gateways via VPN. All hardware devices needed are stored in a rack in the headquarters.

Virtual infrastructure

Virtual design of a scenario with LANCOM vRouter

With the LANCOM vRouter you gain space in your rack and benefit from an optimal networking between locations via VPN. You can virtualize an infrastructure on an ESXi server without using further hardware components.

Proven operating system virtualized

The LANCOM vRouter is a product that uncompromisingly unites the LANCOM core values of security, reliability and sustainability. Secure because it is based on the tried-and-trusted operating system LCOS. Reliable because the long-standing know-how of our employees has been incorporated into the product development. Sustainable because it supports advanced technologies such as SD-WAN, the latest virtualization technologies, and management via the LANCOM Management Cloud.

Virtualized WLAN controller functionality

In addition to a VPN router (vCPE) and a central-site VPN gateway (vGateway), the LANCOM vRouter now also supports the role of a virtual WLAN controller (vWLC). This allows full virtualization of WLAN controller functionalities on a virtualization platform such as VMWare ESXi, Hyper-V or Microsoft Azure. The number of managed access points depends on the license category activated on the vRouter.

Instant deployment anywhere

The routers are deployed with just a few clicks and within seconds instead of hours: At any location around the world, wherever a router is required, the LANCOM vRouter is created automatically—without any shipping or hardware installation! Be it in a lab environment, in your own server room or data center, or in the cloud.

Fast recovery

The LANCOM vRouter is easily and completely backed up to any storage medium at any time. This means that even in the event of server hardware failure, your router can be restarted immediately on another machine, so avoiding any lengthy network outages.

Full integration into the LANCOM Management Cloud

The LANCOM vRouter is effortlessly managed and monitored by the LANCOM Management Cloud. The LMC is the world's first management system for the intelligent organization, optimization and control of your entire network. This radically simplifies the management of installations, from small to very large scenarios. What's more, the virtual router can be managed with all of the tried-and-tested methods.

Radical simplification of the configuration with SD-WAN

In combination with the LANCOM Management Cloud, the LANCOM vRouter opens the way for automated management. The software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) enables the automatic setup of secure VPN connections between sites, including network virtualization across the wide-area network: A few mouse clicks is all it takes to enable the VPN function and select the required VLANs for each site. The laborious configuration of individual tunnel endpoints is no longer required at all.

Advanced Routing & Forwarding

The LANCOM vRouter provides up to 256 securely isolated IP contexts, each of which has its own separate routing. This is an elegant way of operating IP applications via one central router. Be it in small networks or enterprise environments: The various communication channels remain securely isolated from one another and are easily configured with the LANCOM Management Cloud.

State-of-the-art security

The LANCOM vRouter supports the very latest security functions including IPSec-VPN based on IKEv2, elliptic curves, and AES-GCM—for IPv4 and IPv6 networks. This advanced technology ensures that remote sites and mobile workers are securely integrated into the network and that corporate data remains well protected. All of this comes guaranteed backdoor-free thanks to IT security Made in Germany.

Maximum agility with LANCOM SD-WAN

Get set with SD-WAN! Benefit from LANCOM SD-WAN and our holistic approach to gain even more agility in handling your site connectivity. Replace your traditional, static and manually configured network infrastructure by an automated, software-defined WAN.
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Technical features

  • Virtual, software-based router for operation with VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, or Microsoft Azure
  • Applicable as branch router (vCPE), central-site VPN gateway (vGateway) or WLAN controller (vWLC)
  • IPSec-VPN functionality for up to 1,000 VPN channels and WLAN controller function for up to 1,000 WLAN devices
  • Easy management via the LANCOM Management Cloud or LANtools
  • Radical simplification of the configuration with SD-WAN
  • Instant deployment anywhere: Dramatic reduction of deployment times wherever the router is required
  • Available as vRouter 50, 250, 1,000, and unlimited for different performance requirements
  • Integrated Public Spot Option

Tutorial videos

Setting up the LANCOM vRouter on an ESXi server


In this tutorial video we show you how to install and use the LANCOM vRouter on a EsXi Server.

Setting up the LANCOM vRouter on Microsoft Azure


In this tutorial video we show you how to install and use the LANCOM vRouter on Microsoft Azure.


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