LANCOM Consulting Day
  • LANCOM Consulting Day

LANCOM Consulting Day

Network optimization with a LANCOM consultant

Your business is growing, you have new employees, more office space, or additional locations, the demands on your network infrastructure are increasing, bottlenecks and downtimes are becoming a problem. It’s high time for an upgrade to your network. But technologies and standards are changing faster than you can build up the necessary technical expertise within your company. Time for the LANCOM experts to pay a call! Our consultant analyzes the status quo, identifies the causes of problems and the opportunities for optimization, and gives you comprehensive advice to establish a solid basis for your future network strategy.



The first stage is a kick-off discussion to define the common objectives of the task at hand. An experienced LANCOM consultant then takes a close look at your current network infrastructure. We take a rational and unblinkered look at what works well, what can stay in place, but also where weaknesses and recurrent fault sources lie. Focus issues may be security or availability, among others.

Error analysis

Why do certain failures keep occurring, which devices are causing the problems, how do you identify weaknesses in your network, and which strategy will remedy the situation? In cooperation with your consultant, you gain an initial overview of the necessary measures, but also of the required investments in hardware and software.

Recommended solution

Basic considerations can be discussed with the LANCOM consultant, i.e. which potential investments may be required in new hardware, or whether you should migrate your network infrastructure into the LANCOM Management Cloud.

Aid to decision making

The results of the consultation can give you, as the CIO, CEO or owner of your company, an essential aid to decision making with a view to upcoming investments. This consultation is an ideal basis for LANCOM Systems to prepare you a detailed offer.

Planning the implementation

What should be considered when implementing the results of the consultation? What kind of workload should you expect? Which temporary interruptions to your daily business should you expect? When should the work be carried out? From an early stage, you know exactly what to expect when the network optimization goes ahead as planned.

Product features

  • Expert knowledge in networking, especially for LANCOM products
  • On-site consultation at the customer’s company at a fixed daily rate
  • Benchmarking by comparing your network’s status quo with the state of the art
  • Assistance with investment planning while continuing to operate existing infrastructures
  • Optimization based on the analysis of past network failures
  • Potential topics: Migration to software-defined networking, Security and availability concept for the network, Expanding the network



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