LANCOM Public Spot XML interface – universal and flexible

In order to be able to cover a wide range of Public Spot scenarios, the default authentication method of name and password is not sufficient by itself. Access and accounting models using social media, credit cards, and further methods often require additional access data, which the Public Spot in this form would be unable to manage.


The implemented XML interface connects the Public Spot and an external gateway. It directs the user data only to the gateway that handles the authentication and accounting, and it only sends information about the duration and limits of the user access to the Public Spot.


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Reference LANCOM Public Spot XML interface

The reference to the LANCOM Public Spot XML interface provides an overview about the most important commands for the implementation of external systems in public spot installations.

Download Reference LANCOM Public Spot XML interface


LANCOM Public Spot manual

The user manual for the LANCOM Public Spot is an instruction for the correct installation and usage of the public spot.

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