• LANCOM VPN Option


Option for extra IPSec VPN channels

The LANCOM VPN Option increases the number of IPSec VPN tunnels available on a LANCOM device. This is a huge advantage where networks need to grow, because there is no need to purchase additional hardware: Existing VPN routers and gateways are simply upgraded with the LANCOM VPN Option and they continue to operate as before.

Technical features

  • Option for extra IPSec VPN channels
  • Secure networking of multiple sites via IPSec VPN
  • Available for LANCOM VPN routers and central-site VPN gateways
  • LANCOM VPN 25 option including IKEv2-EAP and Smart Certificate for the convenient creation of digital certificates independent of external certification authorities
  • Simply upgrade your existing device and save on hardware components


Upgrade for additional VPN tunnels

The LANCOM VPN Option increases then number of IPSec VPN tunnels available on a LANCOM device, which is ideal when additional sites or external employees need to be securely integrated into the corporate network. This option ensures that your network is perfectly scalable and can grow on demand—without additional hardware components.

Secure site connectivity via VPN

VPN solutions from LANCOM are the flexible and economical solution for networking main offices, subsidiaries, branches, sites, and home offices for small, mid-sized and large enterprises. The IPSec VPN on LANCOM devices guarantees highly secure encryption, effective connectivity for mobile employees, and protects corporate data by communicating over secure encrypted tunnels through the public Internet. This creates a wide area network (WAN) that is exclusively accessible for authorized users.

Easy upgrades

The LANCOM software options turn a simple network into a customized and cost-efficient solution that meets your individual needs. Simply install them on your existing hardware and you upgrade your network with the desired feature. The advantage: No additional hardware components are required. The costs and the administration overhead of the entire network are reduced. Genuine added value comes in terms of the system's future viability, because the options transform a network into a customized and scalable networking solution.

Supported devices

Products Ex factory VPN 25
VPN 50
VPN 100
VPN 200
VPN +250
VPN 500
VPN 1000
88x series 3 channels incl. - - - - - -
179x series 5 channels incl. - - - - - -
178x series 5 channels incl. - - - - - -
19xx series 25 channels incl. - - - - -
7100+ VPN 100 channels incl. - - - - - -
9100+ VPN 200 channels incl. - - - - -
ISG-1000 100 channels incl. - - - - - -
ISG-4000 200 channels incl. - - - - -

250 channels incl.





additive for
up to 3,000


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