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High-performance Wi-Fi for demanding environments

Go for future-proof planning and outstanding Wi-Fi with Wave 2 technology (Wi-Fi 5). Especially in large-scale infrastructures where numerous concurrent users demand stable and high-speed Wi-Fi, this high-performance access point offers improved efficiency through Multi-User MIMO. Reliable wireless networking for large numbers of clients in high-density environments is an essential factor for satisfied customers and visitors. Reason enough for you to trust in reliable and secure Wi-Fi “Made in Germany”.

Technical features

  • Dual concurrent Wi-Fi – parallel operation at 2.4 and 5 GHz with up to 1733 Mbps with IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 and 450 Mbps with IEEE 802.11n
  • 4x4 Multi-User MIMO for simultaneous beam-steering for multiple clients
  • Beamforming steers the signal towards the Wi-Fi clients
  • Supports 160-MHz channel width
  • Dynamic WLAN optimization thanks to LANCOM Active Radio Control (ARC)


4x4 Multi-User MIMO

Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO for short) simultaneously distributes all of the available spatial streams of the LANCOM LN-1700 between several different Wave 2 clients, rather than one after the other as was formerly the case. The available bandwidth is used efficiently and delays in the wireless network are substantially reduced.

Dual Concurrent WLAN mit bis zu 1733 MBit/s

The LANCOM LN-1700 features two Wi-Fi radio modules, one offering IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 (Wi-Fi 5) and the other offering IEEE 802.11n (Wi-Fi 4). This provides fast Wi-Fi to 11n-clients in the 2.4-GHz frequency band and also the growing number of modern 11ac-enabled devices in the 5-GHz band.


The LANCOM LN-1700 uses beamforming to actively steer the signal to the clients and minimize interfering radio signals for other clients. In combination with MU-MIMO, the clients receive dedicated spatial streams with a minimum of interference, which positively influences the data rates for all of the clients.

160-MHz channel width

Increasing the channel width from 80 to 160 MHz doubles the performance for Wave 2 clients. By optimizing the use of the radio spectrum, a client can be supplied with a data rate of up to 1733 Mbps.

Active Radio Control for dynamic radio-field optimization

The LANCOM L-1700 supports the WLAN optimization feature LANCOM Active Radio Control. This intelligent combination of innovative features included with the LCOS operating system—such as Band Steering, Adaptive Noise Immunity, Adaptive RF Optimization, Airtime Fairness and Client Steering—sustainably increases WLAN performance and supports administrators with professional tools for WLAN management.

Powerful WLAN diagnostics with Spectral Scan

The Spectral Scan function enables the LANCOM LN-1700 to search its radio field for interference sources, so providing a professional tool for efficient WLAN troubleshooting. By scanning the entire frequency spectrum, sources of interference in the radio field can be identified and displayed graphically.

Security for wireless networks

With numerous integrated security features, such as IEEE 802.1X, this enterprise-class access point provides optimal security for networks. Administrators and employees alike benefit from professional security policies on the network.

Operation via LANCOM Management Cloud, WLAN controller or stand-alone

The LANCOM LN-1700 can be versatilely operated: Managed via the LANCOM Management Cloud it is integrated into a comprehensive, automized network orchestration, based on Software-defined Networking technology. It can also be operated via a LANCOM WLAN controller or be applied in stand-alone oparation.

Layer-7 application detection

Knowing what the bandwidth in your network is actually being used for can be crucial in any industry. Layer-7 application detection gives you a completely transparent overview. This means that the user-friendly LANCOM Management Cloud delivers clear and professional insight into exactly which applications (such as YouTube, Netflix, etc.) are operating anywhere on the network—true added value for all-round network monitoring.

Straight-lined design with integrated antennas

The white LANCOM LN-1700 has a fascinating, puristic elegance. Its modern design is ideal for unobtrusive operation in any industry as it blends seamlessly into any environment.


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