Modern signage combined with wide-coverage Wi-Fi

LANCOM equips WLAN infrastructures to manage radio-controlled ePaper Displays. Using the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays as digital room signs, price labels, or menu cards gives your company an attractive and modern look. The displays are just as versatile as they are practical, because they are updated completely automatically via an interface to the calendar and merchandise management systems. This automates workflows and reduces the total cost of ownership. The digital Displays offer real informational value (e.g. as electronic room signs) and they create transparency. Suitable for use in daylight, the electronic labels are capable of displaying graphics and they communicate in the same frequency band as 2.4-GHz wireless LAN solutions.

The E-series access points, combine the Display control mechanism and wide-coverage WLAN in a single device. Also integrated into the access points is an iBeacon module for indoor localization. There's no reason not to adopt digital room signs!

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