Configuration & start-up

The LANCOM CC Start-up Kit is an all-in-one package with all required components for a certified start-up and highly secure configuration of LANCOM CC devices. Please note that for a start-up in accordance to CC only the two guidance documents are authoritative.


The certified start-up based on CC EAL 4+ takes place in 3 simple steps:

1.Download the certified CC firmware, the IT security certificate, and the respective guidance documentation (Preparative Prodedures and Operational User Guidance) from the LANCOM website. Please ensure the integrity of the guidance documentation by following the guidelines in this KnowledgeBase article.

2.Connect the LANCOM CC Start-up Kit to a trusted configuration computer

3.Use the LANCOM CC Start-up Wizard (included as of LANconfig 8.82) for starting up and configuring the LANCOM CC device

Please also note our KnowledgeBase articles on the creation of VPN certificates.