Uncompromising high availability and security—these are the least that we expect of our customized retail solutions. Where we truly stand out is with innovative retail applications such as electronic shelf labels, mobile checkout systems, digital signage, or location based services.

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With versatile WLAN hotspots that offer far more than just free Internet access, we set the benchmark for providing optimal service to your guests. Mobile handhelds for smooth ordering processes in the restaurant and access to the booking plan for all of your sites: This is all based on the same infrastructure.

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Free and easy access to knowledge and research while, at the same time, protecting against misuse of the Internet: These are the objectives that we implement in schools, universities and other educational establishments, while offering tangible added value too.

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Our networks are designed for innovative healthcare applications including electronic health records, continuous patient monitoring in intensive care, electronic room signage, and even WLAN hotspots for patients. Dräger-validated and approved to EN-60 601-1-2.

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