Networking with cellular networks

Secure and reliable connections via cellular

Wherever the Internet is needed quickly and without complication, or at locations where DSL is unavailable, a wireless connection via cellular networks is the ideal solution. Be it a primary connection or a backup for maximum operational reliability: cellular networks allow the easy and flexible implementation of a wide range of scenarios.

Your benefits

Secure, mobile access to the Internet

Cellular networks offera secure, mobile and wireless possibility to build an Internet connection. Cellular networking is especially recommended for locations without DSL availability, to set up temporary networks or as a backup of the primary Internet connection.

Maximum operational reliability for business-critical connections thanks to backups via cellular networks

The LANCOM cellular routers backup your primary connection by means of the cellular network.

Ideal for high-speed Internet access at locations without a wired broadband connection

With the integrated cellular modem, LANCOM cellular routers support wireless broadband connectivity with speeds up to 300 Mbps with LTE Advanced. This makes them ideal for professional and secure high-speed Internet connectivity for businesses at locations without DSL.

Secure and high-performance connectivity for branch offices and remote workers by means of extensive VPN capabilities

LANCOM cellular solutions offer high levels of security. Via VPN (Virtual Private Network) secure connections for mobile employees are established while protecting corporate data. By further software upgrades each device can support up to 25 VPN channels. This ensures that your network is perfectly scalable and can grow on demand—without additional hardware components.

The future starts now - with Hyper Integration!

Benefit even more: The LANCOM Management Cloud offers you agility, flexibility, security, and efficiency for your network infrastructure and all areas of application. Thanks to the Software-defined Networking technology the LANCOM Management Cloud replaces manual administrative tasks with fully automated configuration. Learn more here!

Maximum agility with LANCOM SD-WAN

Replace your traditional, static, manually configured network infrastructure with an automated software-defined WAN! This saves time and reduces your IT costs radically.


The unbeatable benefits of LANCOM SD-WAN

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VPN Site Connectivity


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