The final touch.

Polish your networks with LANCOM switches

Mixed infrastructures are low performant, prone to error and hard to manage. Furthermore there is no uniform support. But it doesn't have to be that way!


LANCOM switches are the ideal complement to every LANCOM router and access point, and put the finishing touches on high-carat networks through uniform management. Independent of how complex your scenarios are, you will always receive an optimally harmonized and reliable overall solution.

What’s special about LANCOM switches?

Building block for a perfect network

From routers to switches, right through to access points – you get everything from one source, from a sole manufacturer. But that’s not all: LANCOM products have been developed in perfect coordination to get the most from your network.

Exceptional quality

LANCOM carries the quality seal

“IT Security made in Germany” hence offering outstanding product quality - with the highest level of security and guaranteed backdoor-free. Unparalleled reliability ensures business continuity for many years.

Hyper Integration!

The LANCOM Management Cloud is the world's first hyper-integrated management system that intelligently organizes, optimizes and controls the entire network architecture – routers, switches and access points. The result? Time savings of up to 75 % for every network configuration!

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Switches for every requirement

Unmanaged Switches

the uncomplicated alternative

Ideal for any smaller-scale network, integration is very easy and user-friendly via plug and play. The switches enable instant connectivity without administration of further network components, such as access points, IP phones or printers. As PoE versions, they also provide the power supply.



for advanced requirements

Equipped with basic management functions, our Websmart switches are ideal for inexpensive monitoring and configuration via a web interface. Websmart switches are the next in size to unmanaged switches and offer many of the benefits of the fully managed versions, while being less complex.


full network control

Fully managed switches offer full management for any size of networks. Their wide-ranging functionality ensures maximum security and leaves nothing to be desired. And, best of all, they’re “Cloud-ready”. So you benefit from hyper-integrated network management for maximum time and cost savings.

Aggregation Switches

Basis for Distributed Networks

When creating hierarchical, distributed, medium to large networks, aggregation switches bundle access-level data, provide highly efficient data transport to the next aggregation switch in neighboring buildings, ensure high-performance uplink and maximum failover through redundancy.

Why you should choose a complete network from LANCOM?

More reliability

Highest quality and coordinated components ensure business continuity for many years.

One contact

From customer service to advice, right through to support: one manufacturer means consistent contacts, who can always be reached and offer rapid assistance if you need support.

Satisfied clients

Satisfied clients become regular clients. So score points right away with secure, reliable and future-proof networks and low failure rates.

Full freedom of choice in managing your LAN

All LANCOM Aggregation Switches and the Fully Managed Access Switch models can be configured either classically via command line or via intuitive web-based management tools. In addition, there is of course the option of automated, software-defined and hyper-integrated management of your switches and your WAN, SECURITY and WLAN infrastructure via the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC).


Learn more about the LANCOM SD-LAN solution.


All essential information about Cloud-managed Networks and the Lancom Management Cloud can be found here.


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