What is an SD-LAN?

Short for software-defined local area network, an SD-LAN supports the automated, dynamic, and secure provisioning of any type of multi-service network on switch ports. What used to be the extremely time-consuming and error-prone configuration of individual switches is now performed fully automatically and, if required, across all locations in a software-defined LAN. For multi-site switch configurations, the required networks (VLANs) are defined once only, they are then assigned to the desired switch ports and made available by all of the switches on the network. You additionally modify the individual switch configurations with the user-friendly graphical VLAN assignment. An SD-LAN not only saves your valuable time, it completely eliminates manual configuration errors.


Advantages of the LANCOM SD-LAN solution

Flexible LAN design

A modern internal company network—be it wired (LAN) and/or wireless (WLAN)—demands separate networks for different applica-tions, all of which need to be securely isolated from one another: An internal local area network (intranet) and, possibly, extra networks specifically for the accounts and R&D departments, but also an open network for guest access (hotspot). The basis for this infrastructure is always the central distribution devices in the network, the switches. However complex, an SD-LAN can—with unprecedented ease—be planned in advance, clearly designed, and rolled out at the press of a button. In combination with SD-WAN, all of the network components receive the addresses they need from the DHCP server integrated into the LANCOM router.

SD-LAN Design

Example application

The full power of SD-LAN becomes clear with multi-site and campus networks featuring a number of similarly configured switches. Using a clearly structured user interface, you initially allocate your networks (VLANs) to the desired switch ports for all types of switches (8-, 24- or 52-port switches) on your network. Following this basic VLAN configu-ration, you then customize individual devices or entire projects. The networks are shown in color as a further help. Once your LAN design is finalized, a click of a mouse rolls out the switch configurations simultaneously to all of the sites and buildings.

SD-LAN scenario
SD-LAN scenario
SD-LAN time saving

Time savings

In a conventional, static network operation, the implementation of a LAN scenario with network virtualization requires the manual configu-ration of each switch individually. Even for experienced, certified net-work administrators, the provision of a relatively simple network can become an extremely time-consuming task: The workload and the number of errors increase exponentially with the number of devices, which can result in complex troubleshooting of configuration errors. In stark contrast, SD-LAN fully automates the otherwise laborious configu-ration of switches. Whatever networks are being set up, the configura-tion of the switch ports is computed and rolled out fully automatically. The consequence: You don’t need any technical staff on site. Even new switches are simply connected up to receive their customized, error-free software-defined configuration.

SD-LAN Security

Internal network security

Make no mistake about it: The configuration of secure access control on individual switch ports is a frequently neglected security factor in the LAN: Ethernet ports on the wall are a welcome gateway for unaut-horized access to the local network. The solution lies with secure port authentication as per IEEE 802.1X for authorized end devices or users on the switch ports—one of the most time-consuming and laborious tasks for a network administrator. An SD-LAN provides this security in an instant: Be it authentication by an external RADIUS server or fully software-defined access control according to IEEE 802.1X*, a LANCOM SD-LAN combines ease of use with top security for your internal net-work. In the same way you can implement all of the security require-ments for your network, including PCI-DSSS for secure payment, with a LANCOM SD-LAN.

* Function in preparation

24/7 monitoring

A LANCOM SD-LAN provides complete transparency and visibility of all of the devices and activities on the network: Devices connected to switch ports are displayed in plain text and the associated port is auto-matically labeled by LLDP (Link Layer Detection Protocol). It detects digital applications on the network and logs the upstream and down-stream throughput for each port. Proactive alerting informs you around the clock if a port or an entire switch should go offline, an unknown device is discovered on the network, or if there are other critical system states.

SD-LAN Monitoring

Get going today!

By choosing LANCOM SD-LAN, you are taking a holistic approach that goes far beyond the customary “software-defined” solutions on the market. Current LANCOM components and access to the LANCOM Management Cloud are all you need to get your LAN infrastructure “SD-LAN ready”. All your existing devices need is a free firmware update. You decide whether to switch your entire network over to innovative SD-LAN, or whether you take it step by step: A gradual transition of your different locations is easy to implement—so be sure to take a closer look at the full power of our SD-LAN approach.

SD-LAN Switches

A comprehensive portfolio for SD-WAN, SD-LAN & SD-WLAN

From SMBs to multi-nationals, LANCOM Systems offers a unique, field-tested and hyper-integrated lineup of products that are guaranteed to be backdoor-free. Our portfolio is suitable for all applications and all Internet connection types, including VDSL, LTE/4G, analog, ISDN, Gigabit Ethernet, and fiber-optics and includes multi-service routers, VPN gateways, All-IP & VoIP routers, and virtual routers (vRouter). We also have high-perfor-mance switches and access points that cater for all network segments—WAN, LAN and WLAN—for a holistic, centralized SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and SD-WLAN.


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