What is an SD-WLAN?

A software-defined wireless local-area network (SD-WLAN) combines the features of conventional WLAN controllers with the access-anywhere capabilities of cloud-managed wifis, and it supplements these with maximized automation and agility. Additional access points or new applications such as hotspots are easily integrated into the network, taking full account of all network policies relating to VLAN, security, bandwidth manage-ment or client management. At the same time, a cloud-managed SD-WLAN offers administrators a graphical all-around view of the WLAN status and the application-level and client-level loads on the entire network—prerequisites for proactive, around-the-clock troubleshooting.


Advantages of the LANCOM SD-WLAN solution

Maximum agility & versatility

In a LANCOM SD-WLAN, the manual configuration of individual devices is replaced by automated network orchestration—without any addi-tional WLAN controller. All the administrator has to do is to set the framework conditions for the WLAN design, such as the SSIDs, the authentication method, and any bandwidth restrictions that may be required. Auto-configuration and zero-touch deployment manage the configuration and rollout of every single network component com-pletely automatically, with maximum security, and for any number of access points and WLAN routers, wherever they are located. Changes to the configuration are just as easy: New settings or firmware updates are rolled out to all of the intended devices at the click of a mouse.

SD-WLAN scenario
SD-WLAN scenario

Example application

Until now, manually setting up medium- and large-sized WLAN infrastructures has been a lengthy and monotonous task. Here is an example from brick-and-mortar retail: Each store has access points that are all configured identically, since they all support the same networks using the same access methods. Because there are no specialists permanently on site, the service technician has to travel from store to store. This is quite different to an SD-WLAN from LANCOM: Any store employee can pick up the required access points and simply connect each one to the network by cable. The access points are now fully automatically configured and rolled out—truly zero-touch.

Fast and secure WLAN access

Guests, customers, employees and business partners want uncom-plicated WLAN access, but in reality they often have to endure a tedious registration procedure. On the other hand, IT admins want to set up a secure wireless network with an appealing login page or convenient onboarding. LANCOM SD-WLAN solves these tasks in no time at all. Easy customization makes your WLAN hotspot unique – within seconds. Auto-trim ensures that your images are uploaded in the correct format. You can enter customized greetings and assign time-limited WLAN access credentials for one or more clients. VLAN isolates the guest access from other networks by mouse click.

Buildings overview for your WLAN

Great overview and convenient troubleshooting thanks to graphical representation of your SD-WLAN: It’s easy to upload your building floor plans and to realistically position your wireless devices. For all of the wireless clients you see an overview of the available signal coverage, channel load and reception quality. You have an instant overview of the coverage at your site along with information about the load and quality of the wireless network. One useful feature: If necessary you can instantly change the WLAN channels used by the devices after positioning them.

The best Wi-Fi is no coincidence!

Is your wireless network up to the everyday work loads, or do you need to make adjustments? Your SD-WLAN provides comprehensive 24/7 monitoring from any device and from anywhere: Layer-7 monitoring analyzes application-level wireless traffic. A graphical display instantly shows when, where, which application, or which user is—or was—causing excessive network traffic, and whether further action is required. And thanks to the intelligent Wi-Fi anomaly detection you are constantly aware of any events or errors on the WLAN, which helps with the immediate, spot-on detection and rectification of problem sources.

Get going today!

By choosing LANCOM SD-WLAN, you are taking a holistic approach that goes far beyond the customary “software-defined” solutions on the market. Current LANCOM components and access to the LANCOM Management Cloud are all you need to get your WLAN infrastructure “SD-WLAN ready”. All that your existing devices need is a free firmware update. You decide whether to switch your entire network over to innovative SD-WLAN, or whether you take it step by step: A gradual transition of your different locations is easy to implement—so be sure to take a closer look at the full power of our SD-WLAN approach.

A holistic portfolio for SD-WAN, SD-LAN & SD-WLAN

From SMBs to multi-nationals, LANCOM Systems offers a unique, field-tested and hyper-integrated lineup of products that are guaranteed to be backdoor-free. Our portfolio is suitable for all applications and all Internet connection types, including VDSL, LTE/4G, analog, ISDN, Gigabit Ethernet and SFP and includes multi-service routers, VPN gateways, All-IP & VoIP routers, and virtual routers (vRouter). We also have high-performance switches and access points that cater for all network segments—WAN, LAN and WLAN—for a holistic, centralized SD-WAN, SD-LAN and SD-WLAN.


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