Outdoor solutions

Freedom in motion with LANCOM outdoor solutions

Internet access plays an increasingly important role in the outdoors. Be it at secluded ski lodges, sports stadiums or sprawling campsites—for open areas where wired Internet access is not an option, the ideal solution comes in the form of the outdoor access points from LANCOM. They support applications such as providing a hotspot for your guests, or connecting secluded locations to the central network via point-to-point links. The outdoor portfolio featuring our rugged IP66 housing stands up to even the most extreme environmental conditions and tolerates temperatures from -33° to +70°C.

The options

The LANCOM outdoor WLAN range of products includes versatile access points and outdoor antennas for establishing wireless LAN infrastructures, which enable flexible applications in open air environments. They provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage over open spaces and offer fast wireless Internet access for visitors or modern enterprise applications. What's more, LANCOM outdoor access points are ideal for establishing point-to-point links over long ranges.

Coverage for open areas

Even when outdoors, your employees, customers and visitors benefit from high-speed Wi-Fi with LANCOM outdoor solutions operating as per IEEE 802.11ac in the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz frequency bands.

Point-to-point links

Company sites with several building complexes are networked via wireless point-to-point links, over several kilometers if need be. So there's no need for any laborious cable installation or expensive leased lines.

Overview Wi-Fi data rates

How fast is Wi-Fi?

The data rates supported by access points are based on the use of Modulation and Coding Schemes (MCS). The higher the used MCS, the higher the achievable gross data rate. In net terms, i.e. in practice, clients with higher MCSs can be served with large amounts of data more quickly and thus more clients can be served simultaneously.

Use our practical tool to find out which data rates can be achieved depending on the Wi-Fi standard, number of (MU-)MIMO streams, and channel widths

Full potential for your WLAN

LANCOM Active Radio Control - the Wi-Fi optimization concept by LANCOM Systems

Activate the full potential of your Wi-Fi!

Best-ever Wi-Fi: An efficient wireless-based workflow demands high-performance throughput and the proactive avoidance of interference sources. A guarantee for this is the LANCOM Active Radio Control, an optimization concept that intelligently combines well-matched features which sustainably improve the performance of your wireless network.

Learn more about LANCOM Active Radio Control here

LANCOM outdoor products

Be it for connectivity between buildings, point-to-point links, as an outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot, or for the "last mile" high band¬width connectivity—LANCOM offers a range of WLAN sol¬utions consisting of professional outdoor WLAN access points that support IEEE 802.11ac, the appropriate outdoor antennas and a wide range of accessories.


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