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LANCOM Certification

A possibility to demonstrate your technical expertise

The LANCOM Certifications enable you to prove that you have extensive network know-how in order to stand out from the crowd as a qualified provider. With a LANCOM Certification you prove your profound technical knowledge and convince your customers with your expertise.

Your benefit

Certification as LANCOM Certified Professional / Specialist

The day after the workshop, you have the option to participate in the certification as a LANCOM Certified Professional or Specialist. Our workshops and certifications are built upon one another per subject. That is why you are able to deepen your knowledge in a specific area. A certificate proves your successful completion and assigns you the title LANCOM Certified Professional or LANCOM Certified Specialist. A precondition for participating in our workshops (specialist and further) is the certification in one of the previous trainings. For example: if you have attended the LANCOM Professional Workshop Cloud, the next step is the LANCOM Specialist Workshop Cloud.


Each certification is valid for 24 months from the date of passing the exam.

Target group

Each certification step is assigned to a specific workshop. A precondition for participating in our workshops is the knowledge taught in the previous training. Although participating in the previous training is not mandatory required it is highly recommended.

Costs & Duration

Product Duration Cost Conditions
Certification 0,5 days 125,- EUR, plus VAT. The conditions are contained in your partner agreement


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