Ecological thought and action are deeply anchored in our company philosophy. We take responsibility for the world we live in. We value environmental friendliness and energy efficiency in every aspect of our products, from their development and production to the packaging.

We also expect sustainable production from our suppliers and service providers.

Environmental guidelines at LANCOM

Highest ecological standards with production in Germany

Routers, gateways, controllers and access points from LANCOM are developed and manufactured in Germany. This dispenses with unnecessarily long transport routes to the customer. Production in Germany is subject to extremely high environmental standards. We are vigorous in implementing the laws and regulations on sustainable production. All of the products in our portfolio fulfill the requirements of Germany's Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) (implementation details). This law is the national implementation of the EU directives RoHS and WEEE. We avoid using hazardous substances in our devices so that, even during production, we ensure the environmentally-friendly recycling and disposal of waste. We continually work on improving the environmental friendliness of our production processes.

Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging

We constantly strive to use only ecologically compatible materials such as paper and cardboard to package our products. We try to re-use unprinted packaging from suppliers, or we recycle it.

Support for multi-purpose IT infrastructure

LANCOM products enable our customers to make highly effective use of their IT infrastructure by means of virtualization. This technology allows multiple logical networks to operate separately and in parallel on a shared physical network. In this way, the number of network components employed can be reduced. In addition to data communications, voice over IP can be transmitted simultaneously over existing networks and replace conventional telephone-exchange systems. Operating multi-purpose infrastructure saves energy, so making a positive contribution to our environment.

LCOS updates for long product life

Our products are designed to remain fully operational long after their 5-year warranty has expired. Regular free updates to our own operating system LCOS ensures that devices are always up to the latest technological standards. Our networks are able to meet the most modern of demands over a period of many years. The useful lifespan of LANCOM devices is extended by years.

The implementation of EU recyclability requirements

Here you can find out about the updated EU directives on the return of used electrical and electronic products and the use of hazardous materials during manufacture.

Company Environmental Management


LANCOM is participating in the ÖKOPROFIT program by the Aachen district in 2018 at the main office in Würselen. ÖKOPROFIT is a modular consulting and qualification program that helps companies with the continuous improvement of environmental protection and environmental management.

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Caroline Kogel

CSR Manager