LANCOM Management Cloud

Hyper Integration for your networks

Based on a software-defined architecture, the provision of LAN, WAN and WLAN connections is drastically simplified.


This revolutionary approach opens up entirely new possibilities for enterprise networks of all sizes and forms the basis for service-oriented operating concepts (IaaS, NaaS).

Your benefit

Decentralized network management - are you ready for the future?

Decentralized network management is both a promise and a challenge:


  • Reduction of administrative effort, especially in complex scenarios, through distributed administration.
  • Reduced response times in service cases through constant administrative access - anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • Reduction of investment costs during operation and further expansion of your network through full scalability.


  • Completely new approach: thinking is not at the device level but at the network level.
  • It does not configure hardware, but data streams and services - the rest is done by the LMC.
  • Planning and configuration of the entire network in advance: rollout and running.
  • What to do with the no longer needed IT-specialists in your administration?


  • Live demo of the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • Bla-bla
  • Answering your questions

Addressed customers

  • For retailers and consultants
  • Administrators of networks in the SMB and Enterprise environment

Good basic knowledge of TCP / IP and networks is required and first practical experience with LANCOM products is desirable.

Prices and duration

This webinar lasts 1 hour and is completely free for you!


Sandra Wied
+49 2405 49936 472