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With the WiFi4EU program, the EU aims to promote free Wi-Fi connectivity in public spaces such as parks, squares, public building, libraries, and museums everywhere in Europe.

In concrete terms: Municipalities can now apply for a WiFi4EU voucher worth EUR 15,000.


As a LANCOM reseller, you benefit from making your municipal customers highly attractive offers for the promotion of professional public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Don’t delay—grab those market opportunities

Attention: Inform your customers now: The last round of allocation runs June 3 1 PM CET until June 4 5 PM CET. The WiFi4EU vouchers are valid for 18 months and can be redeemed for the equipment and installation.


Important notice: Municipalities that receive a voucher must award their projects to registered Wi-Fi installation companies. If your business is not yet registered, you can do this online using the WiFi4EU-Portal.

Certified LANCOM access points:

The WiFI4EU program requires these subsidized public networks to offer a high standard of security as demonstrated by a Passpoint Release 2.0 Certification.


You can offer the following certified LANCOM access points for your municipal projects:

Why WiFi4EU with LANCOM?

No matter how big your Wi-Fi project is and what your specific requirements are: LANCOM Wi-Fi solutions open the door to a truly tailor-made solution. Not least because LANCOM is a market leader in innovation and quality for network technology. Only the highest quality components ensure that public hotspots provide years of trouble-free operation.

These factors guarantee holistic solutions that are one-of-a-kind: The hardware is tried and tested in countless public Wi-Fi networks, as is the LANCOM hotspot option; and the LANCOM Management Cloud offers hyper-integrated, automated control and monitoring of the entire network.


How do I qualify?

As a specialist reseller, all you have to do is to register as a participant on the WiFi4EU website of the European Union. Only registered partners can be commissioned by municipalities when redeeming a WiFi4EU voucher. So just fill out a short form on the official WiFi4EU portal, and you’re done.

Who is entitled to WiFi4EU?

The EU funding program is aimed at municipalities with only limited Wi-Fi, or even none at all. So speak to your local municipal administrations. Let the decision-makers know about the inexpensive and easy path to modern digital infrastructures with the help of WiFi4EU and LANCOM. Make your location even more attractive for citizens, business travelers and tourists. The voucher amounts to EUR 15,000 for the purchase of the hardware and for the installation—this is your sales potential as a LANCOM partner.


First come, first served!

Each city or municipality is entitled to just one WiFi4EU voucher. As a LANCOM partner, you are free to address any number of municipalities in your area. Vouchers are being awarded in a number of rounds until the end of 2020. The following applies: First come, first served. With each round, the participating municipalities are considered in the order of application. This continues until the budget for the ongoing round has been exhausted. So if your municipality comes away empty handed, they can apply again in one of the following rounds—to your benefit as a specialist reseller.


Your public-sector customers benefit from LANCOM public Wi-Fi as follows:

  • Quality and security made in Germany – guaranteed backdoor-free
  • Full performance with the latest 11ac Wave 2 technology – Wi-Fi covering every nook and cranny for hundreds of users
  • Clear separation from the networks of municipal institutions
  • Thanks to the LANCOM Management Cloud, simple administration and full control through 24/7 monitoring
  • Custom-fit hotspot solutions for outdoors and indoors

And now it’s up to you!

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