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The free operating system LCOS (LANCOM Operating System) is the in-house closed-source firmware for the entire core portfolio of products from LANCOM Systems GmbH. This is the right place for information about and free downloads of the latest LCOS version, the LANCOM Switch OS, the latest LANtools, as well as other software and documents.

LCOS 10.20 - The power package for wifi and network connectivity!

  • State-of-the-art Wi-Fi security – Secure encryption via WPA3
  • Best Wi-Fi – Top quality in the wireless network due to Client Management
  • More Wi-Fi control – Individual Wi-Fi passwords for clients with LEPS-U and LEPS-MAC
  • Always up to date – Automatic LCOS updates thanks to the Auto Updater
  • More flexibility – Easy use of NAT in firewall rules

Software Lifecycle Management

With LANCOM Systems you have a manufacturer at your side who offers unparalleled investment protection. The lifecycle policies from LANCOM also provide full transparency and reliable planning with regard to the firmware updates and product support for your LANCOM infrastructure.

Click here forSoftware Lifecycle Management

LCOS version overview

Keeping track of our current LCOS versions can sometimes be difficult.


That's why we offer a LCOS version overview with a clear plan of the current software status, a comparison of the different versions, and recommended usage:

Click here for the LCOS version overview

LANCOM's release procedure

Our aim is the optimal preparation of our in-house operating system LCOS and other software, not only for its use in practice, but also to adapt it to the wishes of our customers. This is why we enter into active dialog with our customers even during the development phase as part of our release procedure. Find out more about the LANCOM release procedure


New power for your switches: LANCOM Switch OS 3.32

The operating system for LANCOM Switches - the LANCOM Switch OS - continuously receives innovative new features and improvements due to our in-house development. This guarantees that your internal networking is always state-of-the-art!


Download now the new Switch OS 3.32 and benefit from these new features and improvements since Switch OS 3.30:


  • Scripting ability via the LANCOM Management Cloud

  • Added a hint for a not yet saved configuration to the configuration interface

  • Support of new SFP modules

  • For SSL and TLS configurations, the minimum SSL and TLS versions to be applied are now selectable from a drop down list.

  • General stability improvements

  • DHCP Snooping has been optimized



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