Trusted networking solutions for corporate customers and the public sector – Secure. Networks.


LANCOM Systems offers secure, sustainable and reliable networking solutions for business customers and the public sector. Our solutions consist of a range of products including routers, VPN gateways, All-IP & VoIP routers, switches, wireless LAN for indoor and outdoor applications, cloud & network management, professional consulting, and a comprehensive range of service offerings.

As the leading German manufacturer of networking solutions, the quality mark "IT Security Made in Germany" and our certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) signify one thing: Our guarantee that you can trust our products and the outstanding levels of security they provide. The products use our completely proprietary operating system (LCOS), which is developed in a high-security environment based in Germany and offers maximum protection from manipulation. This is underlined by our declaration of the freedom from backdoors. Our products are free of any hidden access paths—known as backdoors—or any other undesirable features for the insertion, extraction, or manipulation of data. These many aspects make our products secure from interception, and they offer reliable protection against web attacks and cyber-crime.

Thanks to a versatile product range, the technical expertise of our employees, and our in-house Service and Support teams, we can work with you to deliver a solution that precisely meets your network-infrastructure needs.

Since the company's foundation in 2002, we have built up a wealth of experience and expertise—and we keep a close eye on the current technological trends. Reputable customers from many different industries and the public sector confirm this. We also have numerous successful installations in the healthcare sector (hospitals, clinics, and practices), education (schools and universities), the hotel & leisure industries, as well as in retail.

And yet it is not only our successful references that confirm the technological competence behind LANCOM Systems: Our products are always technologically up to date, examples being our IEEE 802.11ac access points, our comprehensive Voice-over-IP portfolio, and the ongoing development of our proprietary Management Cloud solution. If a new technology emerges to dominate the market, our products will support it—but we never lose sight of our uncompromising demands for maximum security. LANCOM also delivers solutions and APIs for target marketing, visitor flow analysis, and electronic price labeling via wireless, enabling retail stores to implement instant price changes in a secure system.

LANCOM offers you and your organization secure networking solutions that are unique to the market while remaining flexible and scalable.