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LANCOM vRouter available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Versatile and secure WAN connections in cloud scenarios

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Versatile and secure WAN connections in cloud scenarios


LANCOM vRouter available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace



Aachen, June 12, 2019—The German network infrastructure supplier LANCOM Systems now offers an additional version of its virtual VPN router. The LANCOM vRouter for Microsoft Azure enables companies to use their own VPN tunnel to securely connect their corporate network to their applications in the Microsoft Public Cloud. Unlike hardware-based routers, the vRouter can be flexibly scaled and adapted to changing requirements.


With the introduction of the Azure vRouter, LANCOM is consistently pursuing the virtualization of network functions. The software-based VPN router is suitable both as a VPN concentrator for branch networking as well as a virtual private cloud gateway for access control to private resources or servers in Azure. This enables companies to build versatile, high-performance WAN infrastructures that save on space and resources.


The top model LANCOM vRouter offers the full performance of Azure and provides up to 1,000 VPN IPSec tunnels. This virtual router is a highly attractive routing/gateway solution for networks of any scale, from SME’s to enterprise networks.


The LANCOM vRouter operates on the Azure platform on a “bring your own license” (BYOL) basis. The infrastructure costs of the Azure platform are predictable at all times thanks to time-based pricing (pay as you grow). The virtual VPN router is deployed in just a few clicks without the need to ship or install any hardware.


As an alternative to Azure, the vRouter can be operated via a hardware-based virtualization platform such as VMware ESXi or Hyper-V.



Fully automated VPN setup with SD-WAN


In addition to the classic LANCOM LANtools, the LANCOM vRouter is supported by the LANCOM Management Cloud, which enables secure IPSec VPN connections to be configured automatically by software-defined WAN (SD-WAN). The formerly laborious configuration of individual tunnel endpoints is simply no longer necessary.


The LANCOM vRouter offers a similar range of functions to the hardware-based routers. In terms of configuration and user guidance, it is identical to the traditional LANCOM hardware components and thus seamlessly integrates into existing LANCOM infrastructures.


It supports the very latest security functions, including IPSec-VPN based on IKEv2, elliptic curves, and AES-GCM for IPv4 and IPv6 networks. This allows sites to be networked without risk of interception, mobile workers can be securely integrated into networks, and company-internal data stays protected. The trust mark “IT Security Made in Germany” together with the router's guaranteed freedom from backdoors further demonstrate the router's security.


As well as functioning as a VPN router or central-site gateway, the LANCOM vRouter also operates as a virtual WLAN controller (vWLC). The number of managed access points is license-dependent.


The LANCOM vRouter is available in four models: the vRouter 50, 250, 1,000 and Unlimited (Mbps). Depending on the license, it supports between 5 and 1,000 VPN tunnels, up to 256 virtual IP contexts, and up to 1,000 access points. The 1-year license for the smallest vRouter is available for EUR 200 (excl. VAT), the 1-year license for the top-model vRouter Unlimited is EUR 2,500 (excl. VAT). Each vRouter supports up to five configurable virtual Ethernet ports.


The LANCOM vRouter is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and ready for installation under:


As usual, licenses are available from LANCOM distributors.



LANCOM Systems background:


LANCOM Systems GmbH is a leading European manufacturer of network and security solutions for business and the public sector. The portfolio includes hardware (WAN, LAN, WLAN, firewalls), virtual network components, and cloud-based software-defined networking (SDN).

Software and hardware development as well as manufacturing take place mainly in Germany, as does the hosting of the network management. There is a strong focus on trustworthiness and security. The company is committed to products that are free from backdoors and is a holder of the trust mark “IT Security Made in Germany” as initiated by the German Ministry of Economics.

LANCOM Systems was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Würselen near Aachen, Germany. Customers include SMEs, government agencies, institutions, and major corporations from all over the world. Since summer 2018, the company has been an independent subsidiary of the Munich-based technology group Rohde & Schwarz.


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Caroline Rixen

LANCOM Systems GmbH

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