The powerhouse for your SD-WAN

This high-end SD-WAN gateway for the first time combines two VDSL Supervectoring modems in just one device for a bandwidth of 2x 300 Mbps by using both connections at the same time. The device alternatively operates on a gigabit connection. Equipped with state-of-the-art SD-WAN technology for secure and automated VPN site connectivity, the LANCOM 1926VAG is the top-class solution for medium-sized and large branch infrastructures.

Technical features

  • Two VDSL Supervectoring modems (operable in parallel), alternative use of a modem at a connection, 1x SFP/TP, 1x WAN Ethernet
  • Load balancing for the active/active operation of several Internet access connections and maximization of the available bandwidth.
  • 25 simultaneous IPsec VPN connections (100 optional)
  • Network virtualization with up to 64 networks on one device (ARF)
  • SD-WAN – automatic VPN and VLAN configuration via the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • 2x ISDN S0, 4x analog (internal) / fax
  • Professional telephony features thanks to integrated LANCOM VCM (Voice Call Manager) / SBC (session border controller)
  • Full-metal housing for mounting in a 19" rack and integrated 230V power supply



The LANCOM 1926 series are the first routers on the market with two integrated VDSL Supervectoring modems for a total of 2x 300 Mbps. Alternatively, one of the two modems can be used to connect via at up to 1,000 Mbps. Also, their SFP port allows them to operate directly at high-speed fiber-optic connections. They can also operate with any external DSL or cable modem via WAN Ethernet.

Active/active (load balancing)

The LANCOM 1926VAG allows multiple Internet access connections to be operated in parallel, with load balancing ensuring that the available bandwidth is used to maximum effect. With the combined operation of 2x VDSL Supervectoring and fiber optics, it provides unsurpassed availability. The LANCOM 1926VAG thus offers the ultimate in future proofing for performance-hungry SD-WAN scenarios.

LANCOM SD-WAN – Next-level networking

With LANCOM SD-WAN you can manage and monitor your entire corporate network centrally, cost-effectively, quickly, and stress-free! In combination with the LANCOM Management Cloud, the SD-WAN gateway gives you all the options for an automated setup of secure VPN connections (Auto-VPN) between sites, including network virtualization. Highlight features such as High Scalability VPN (HSVPN) and Advanced Mesh VPN offer you a significant plus in scalability and efficiency for a large number of branches and applications. Furthermore, if multiple WAN connections are defined, they are automatically operated in active/active mode (load balancing), thereby increasing the available total bandwidth. With Dynamic Path Selection and Dynamic Traffic Steering, applications are also dynamically routed via the best connection at any given time.

Next-generation SD-WAN: High Scalability VPN (HSVPN)

The LANCOM 1926VAG supports High Scalability VPN (HSVPN). The ongoing rise of digitalization, greater diversity of applications, and higher data volumes demand powerful, state-of-the-art networks. High Scalability VPN significantly improves the extensibility and efficiency of your architecture. Where previously each individual application required a separate VPN tunnel, HSVPN bundles any number of networks into a single VPN tunnel and transports them collectively to the remote site—with each network remaining secure and strictly separated from the others. The advantage for your business: Considerably fewer VPN tunnels are required, and recovery times are much faster in a failover event.

Secure communication via VPN

With virtual private networks (VPN), you use the public medium of the Internet as a communication path and secure the connection in such a way that the communication still remains completely inaccessible to external parties. This SD-WAN gateway offers you 25 integrated IPSec VPN channels for secure encryption, so that the protection of internal company data is always guaranteed when connecting mobile employees, home offices, or branch offices. With the LANCOM VPN Option, you can also upgrade the device to up to 100 VPN channels, so that the infrastructure can easily grow with your needs without additional hardware.

Advanced Routing & Forwarding

The LANCOM 1926VAG provides up to 64 securely isolated IP contexts, each of which has its own separate routing. This is an elegant way of operating IP applications with one central router and keeping the different communication channels securely isolated from one another.

Professional telephony with the LANCOM VCM (Voice Call Manager)

The LANCOM Voice Call Manager is already integrated into the LANCOM 1926VAG and provides a wide range of telephony functions. It manages all aspects of the telephony and controls all of the router-based PBX functions for SIP, ISDN and analog components. Furthermore, it enables the easy integration of DECT telephones by auto provisioning with the LANCOM DECT 510 IP base station.

Integrated session border controller

The LANCOM Voice Call Manager acts as a session border controller: This ensures that external (unsecure) and internal (secure) networks are kept separate. Also, voice packets are given priority (Quality of Service) thanks to bandwidth reservation, which ensures a higher quality of calls. In addition, the VCM as a SIP proxy enables the professional management of signaling and voice data for high security in the setup, implementation and teardown of telephone conversations, including any protocol conversion by means of transcoding.

Premium full-metal housing

The LANCOM 1926VAG comes in a high-quality full-metal housing with integrated 230V power supply. Thanks to the mounting system, it is easy to install in a 19" rack—with connection ports redirected to the front, it is quick and easy to work with.

Upgrade to up to 100 VPN tunnels

Ideal for fast and secure LANCOM home-office solutions: Upgrade the VPN capacities of your LANCOM router of the 19xx series now in a sustainable and resource-saving way! With the LANCOM VPN 100 Option you can simultaneously and securely connect up to 100 sites or remote employees to the corporate network!

What is active/active (load balancing)?

Active/active distributes network data traffic evenly between Internet connections that are operated in parallel. Data connections are divided evenly between at least two lines, and the individual bandwidths of the lines are combined (2x300 Mbps = 600 Mbps). Even if one line fails, the connection is always secured via the other line.

Application scenario with one client

One client is connected to the Internet via a 1926-series router (2x Supervectoring with 300 Mbps each). The download speed per session is 300 Mbps. Depending on the load, the load balancer integrated into the router now selects Internet line 1 (VDSL) or Internet line 2 (VDSL).

Application scenario with two clients

Two clients are connected to the Internet via a 1926-series router (2x Supervectoring with 300 Mbps each). Both clients are able to communicate with the Internet at the same speed (each at 300 Mbps) as the load balancer integrated into the router evenly distributes the data load between the two VDSL Supervectoring Internet lines (1 & 2). This ensures the maximum utilization of the available 300 Mbps for a significant increase in network efficiency.

Application scenario connection to

Application scenario VPN load balancing

The integrated load balancer makes it easy to bundle multiple IKEv2 VPN connections into a load-balancing cluster. Be it in combination with a LANCOM router, a central-site VPN gateway, or the innovative LANCOM vRouter: The load of data traffic is more evenly balanced and the system has redundancy. The combination significantly increases the VPN bandwidth available for multiple clients.

Application scenario load balancing with two All-IP lines

Thanks to the integrated VCM and SBC, the LANCOM 1926VAG and LANCOM 1926VAG-4G are ideal for seamless migration from ISDN/analog to All-IP. SIP lines can be bound to any of the Internet connections (All-IP line 1 or 2). The load balancer is used to distribute the Internet traffic.

Further information & news

Options & accessoires

¹ Compatible SFP modules: SFP-SX-LC1, SFP-SX2-LC1, SFP-LX-LC1, SFP-CO1, SFP-BiDi1550-SC1, SFP-AON-1, and SFP-GPON-1

Service & support

Included services

  • 3 years replacement service (return & replace)
  • Technical manufacturer support for LANcommunity partners and end customers with LANcare Direct or LANcare Premium Support

Optional services

Click below to get more information as well as the item numbers for convenient additional booking.

Click below to get more information as well as the item numbers for convenient additional booking.

Notes: Times are given in hours (h) or minutes (m) per days (d). The products are available for different service categories (S, M, L, XL) as well as validity and can be easily added using the item numbers.

  • LANcare Direct 10/5
    Direct manufacturer support and security updates for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 10h / 5d, first reaction time: 2h (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    Item numbers: S: 10740 / 10741 / 10742, M: 10743 / 10744 / 10745, L: 10746 / 10747 / 10748, XL: 10749 / 10750 / 10751
  • LANcare Direct Advanced 10/5
    Direct manufacturer support, security updates, and advance relacement for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 10h / 5d, first reaction time: 2h (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2), delivery: NBD
    Item numbers: S: 10764 / 10765 / 10766, M: 10767 / 10768 / 10769, L: 10770 / 10771 / 10772, XL: 10773 / 10774 / 10775
  • LANcare Direct 24/7
    Direct manufacturer support incl. 24/7 emergency hotline and security updates for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 24h / 7d, first reaction time: 30m (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    Item numbers: S: 10752 / 10753 / 10754, M: 10755 / 10756 / 10757, L: 10758 / 10759 / 10760, XL: 10761 / 10762 / 10763
  • LANcare Direct Advanced 24/7
    Direct manufacturer support incl. 24/7 emergency hotline, security updates, and advance relacement for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 24h / 7d, first reaction time: 30m (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2), delivery: NBD
    Item numbers: S: 10776 / 10777 / 10778, M: 10779 / 10780 / 10781, L: 10782 / 10783 / 10784, XL: 10785 / 10786 / 10787
  • LANcare Basic
    Security updates until EOL as well as 5 years replacement service
    Availability: 8h / 5d, shipment: 5 days
    Item numbers: S: 10720, M: 10721, L: 10722, XL: 10723
  • LANcare Advanced
    Security updates until EOL as well as 5 years advance relacement
    Availability: 8h / 5d, delivery: NBD
    Item numbers: S: 10730, M: 10731, L: 10732, XL: 10733
  • LANcare Premium Support 10/5
    Manufacturer support and security updates for projects
    Availability: 10h / 5d, first reaction time: 2h (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    (on request)
  • LANcare Premium Support 24/7
    Manufacturer support incl. 24/7 emergency hotline and security updates for projects
    Availability: 24h / 7d, first reaction time: 30m (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    (on request)

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