WLAN Controllers

Central control of multiple access points and Wi-Fi routers

Control your WLAN infrastructure conveniently and across several locations with LANCOM WLAN controllers. As the central instance for fully automatic configuration of all Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi routers in the network, including all security settings, they make the network administrator's work much easier and save time. New devices are put into operation via zero-touch deployment and immediately receive the appropriate configuration. In addition, intelligent functions such as roaming optimization of Wi-Fi clients (IEEE 802.11r, OKC) ensure efficient roaming between radio cells. For maximum operational stability without a "single point of failure", Wi-Fi operation continues to run autonomously if the connection to the WLAN controller is interrupted.

Our products at a glance


    Centralized controller-based management

    For 6 to 30 access points and Wi-Fi routers

  • LANCOM WLC-1000

    Centralized controller-based management

    For 25 to 1,000 access points and WLAN routers


    Used as a virtual WLAN controller (vWLC), the LANCOM vRouter is ideal for operation in a virtualized environment based on a hypervisor.

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