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Network management is more than just installing hardware. It is the sensible design of networks, the roll-out of configurations, and later also the monitoring and troubleshooting of projects. All of this costs IT admins a lot of resources. A professional network management tool makes these tasks easier and saves time and stress. Cloud-based network management software also offers many practical approaches for optimizing existing networks, identifying potential sources of interference and maintaining a constant overview of performance.

With our network management solution, the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC), IT specialists can manage customer networks faster and more securely. Using the LMC, they are able to offer high-quality and targeted service without on-site appointments and the resulting loss of time, and to make adjustments to networks without a great deal of effort. See for yourself how the LANCOM Management Cloud supports you in meeting the high demands of modern and secure network management.

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Network security for cities and municipalities

Cybersecurity and digital sovereignty are of utmost importance, especially for public authorities and agencies. We support secure IT networks for modern administrations with our study and our tips for greater digital sovereignty.

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Trusted Internet Access

With LANCOM Trusted Access (LTA), access rights and network connections for mobile employees can be managed centrally via the LANCOM Management Cloud. There are two options: to allow mobile users normal Internet traffic in principle (“split tunnel”) or to route all data traffic through the central LTA gateway – a unified firewall or an SD-WAN gateway with security functions such as anti-virus or content filters (“full tunnel”). This secures the entire Internet traffic of connected LTA clients and reduces the risks of unauthorized access, malware, phishing, and other cyber attacks to a minimum thanks to this “Trusted Internet Access”.

Why cloud-managed networks?


Network design

In the ideal world of network management, all network components are cloud-enabled and can be configured centrally from anywhere. Networks are set up quickly and securely according to the network strategy and they run smoothly. Everyone is happy. Sounds like an unattainable ideal? Not at all! The path there is only three steps away.

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What can the LMC do?

As a network management tool and platform, the LMC supports IT administrators in their daily work. Find out briefly and concisely how the LANCOM Management Cloud can save you time and stress:

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Highest user satisfaction at the PUR IT Operations Award 2024

IT administration and network management via a cloud depend on a convincing range of services.

User-friendliness, information transparency, flexibility, and scalability are particularly important, as are the service and support provided for the network management cloud. The PUR IT Operations User Survey by analyst firm techconsult measures all these aspects annually and asks users about their favorites among 30 providers in the field of network management and monitoring.

With its top position in the "Professional User Rating IT Operations 2024" for several years, the LANCOM Management Cloud has shown that the highest quality and customer orientation are firmly at the heart of LANCOM Systems. Not only the highest user satisfaction, but also the accessibility, speed, and quality of the network management support were particularly emphasized.

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