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Network management of a new era

How the LANCOM Management Cloud is reforming the IT world

Building and commissioning network infrastructures is one thing, handling, configuration, and maintenance is another. Both can become a head-scratching challenge when many components are in use.

The LANCOM Management Cloud puts an end to hard-to-control, highly complex networks.
Less effort, noticeable relief, higher performance, and more security – network automation through cloud management takes a fair amount of weight off the shoulders of the IT department. Networks are now set up in just three simple steps and new devices are added with two smartphone scans. All network operations are monitored around the clock on clear dashboards, anomalies and errors are automatically analyzed and reported, and Wi-Fi disruptions are eliminated in a targeted and structured manner. Risks from human misconfigurations are minimized. Clear access management ensures an efficient division of labor from now on.

Sounds like heaven for system administrators? In the following, you will learn why exactly that is the case.

Modern network management

„Globalization, digitalization and the pandemic have shown companies that the technical prerequisites for a future-proof operation are not yet fully developed. Not only the number, but also the variation of the devices in the network has risen rapidly alone by the fact that a lot of employees have switched to working from home. [...] Today, a network architecture uses a large number of sensors, controllers, routers, switches and access points. In addition, the networking of different locations has become a significant factor in the efficient operation of the entire company due to globalization, internationalization and outsourcing as well as the integration of business areas. What is needed are network management solutions that intelligently organize, optimize and manage these components and enable the network to achieve a holistic security standard.“  – techconsult study from 2022

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No network is perfect. Somehow, you always wish it would be better, simpler, more secure – and cheaper. Or you rely on a cloud to manage your network and check off all four wishes at once. Why you should leave your network management to a central control software from now on, and all about the basics of the LANCOM Management Cloud, can be read here.

Cloud security

Anyone who entrusts their data or systems to a cloud wants to know that they are in good hands – especially if the entire network is connected to it. Data protection, network security, access controls, and failover play an essential role in protecting against data loss, service outages, and unauthorized access, and in meeting legal requirements. We explain how these aspects are handled in the LANCOM Management Cloud.

Network design

In the ideal world of network management, all network components are cloud-enabled and can be configured centrally from anywhere. Networks are set up quickly and securely according to the network strategy and they run smoothly. Everyone is happy. Sounds like an unattainable ideal? Not at all! The path there is only three steps away.

Network monitoring

Do you also think network monitoring is time-consuming and confusing? With its clear dashboards on VPN / WAN, WLAN / LAN, and security / compliance, the LANCOM Management Cloud proves you wrong. Find out how you can not only save time and resources, but above all react to network errors as quickly as possible.

Network expansion

Tedious individual configurations of devices at each new location can sometimes dampen the joy of corporate growth. Fortunately, the new world of network expansion with the cloud thrives on the sophisticated LANCOM concept of a fully cloud-enabled device portfolio, smart packaging, and maximum user-friendliness.

Roles & rights

Efficient network management distributes the responsibility for IT among several shoulders and uses the strengths of its specialists in an appreciative and reasonable manner. Thanks to the clearly defined user roles of the LANCOM Management Cloud and their practice-oriented gradations, even low IT resources are used in the best possible way and personnel failures are well cushioned.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting

What happens when you pair cloud-driven network management with a hefty dose of Wi-Fi intelligence? You get such unerring troubleshooting that it's a real boon for in-house IT. The WLAN anomaly detection of the LANCOM Management Cloud identifies potential faults before they occur, reports deviations from defined threshold values and provides concrete assistance in finding solutions.


The security concept of a cloud-based network management system is elementary for every IT admin: Because at best it should automate configuration tasks and at the same time implement precisely fitting security policies. Find out how you can implement cloud-managed security for your corporate network with the LMC in just a few clicks and realize all your security requirements.

Time savings

Time is precious. Especially in the IT department of companies. But many work steps in network management are time-consuming and costly due to their redundancy and small-scale nature. Surely there must be a better and simpler way? That's right! With network automation from the LANCOM Management Cloud, you can save 75% of your time and increase your IT efficiency.

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