Professional adaptation of your hardware configuration by LANCOM experts as a remote session or on-site appointment

Configuration with LANCOM expertise

The LANCOM Config Service provides you with expert support in configuring your LANCOM devices or network infrastructure for maximum performance of your installation. You can obtain our know-how in two possible ways – either during a remote session or by a LANCOM employee visiting you directly on-site.

Product features

  • Individual adaptation of the existing configuration with LANCOM products according to your requirements
  • For all LANCOM products
  • LANCOM Config Service Remote:
    Configuration support by telephone, e-mail, or remote session (billing per 60 minutes, optional extension if required, by appointment)
  • LANCOM Config Service On-site:
    Implementation and extension of the configuration by LANCOM on-site (billing per day, max. eight hours per day, by appointment)


Support by remote access or on-site

With the LANCOM Config Service, you receive expert support for extending and adapting existing device configurations of your LANCOM products directly from the manufacturer. Depending on your needs, we implement configuration work either remotely or directly at your site.

Know-how according to your needs

Together with a LANCOM employee, you can adapt your network configuration in no time at all, integrate new hardware components into your existing infrastructure, or add new functions to it.

Reliable network configurations

Thanks to LANCOM Config Service, you have competent LANCOM expertise at your side, making the sustainable configuration of your network as easy as possible. Of course, you can watch one of our experts doing his job and benefit from the know-how, so that you are well prepared for the next maintenance work.

Booking & use

  • The LANCOM Config Service in the variants remote or on-site can only be requested via the form.
  • We will contact you by telephone or via e-mail to ask for detailed information about your configuration request.
  • When making an appointment, the LANCOM employee will give you a non-binding time estimate.
  • Afterwards you will receive the booking confirmation by e-mail.
  • LANCOM Config Service Remote is carried out by telephone, e-mail, or remote session and is charged per 60 minutes.
  • LANCOM Config Service On-site is only carried out on-site within the EU and is charged at daily rates (max. 8 hours per day). Please note that additional expenses are incurred and that planning usually requires a lead time of several weeks.

Request form

If you need help, our support team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except for regional holidays in Wuerselen, Germany, CET):

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