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All-round support for the digitalization of public facilities

Nowhere is scrutiny greater than for the public sector. No wonder: Anything “public” should be available to all, serve the common good, and is subject to open social judgment. Accordingly, opinions about education and public service are currently quite harsh, especially with regard to digitalization.

Securely digitalized with the NIS2 requirements

Public administration and the research sector will be covered by the EU network and information security directive, NIS2, in the future. The directive must be transposed into national law by October 2024. Compliance will be checked thoroughly. This makes it all the more important to prepare for the new requirements now and take appropriate measures to fulfil them. We are happy to help you identify and implement them.

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Particularities of digitali­zation in the public sector

Not only is digital transformation a controversial issue for public institutions, it is also an urgent one. However, there is a lack of suitably powerful and secure IT infrastructure.

In the public sector in particular, important EU directives such as GDPR conformity and aspects such as digital sovereignty and cybersecurity place severe restrictions on the choice of network technology providers.

Similarly, obstacles such as unclear, lengthy digitalization processes, negotiating with various demanding stakeholders, or a lack of resources can dampen the motivation to push the initiative forward.

This is where LANCOM Systems comes in as a full-service partner for the digital transformation of authorities, administrations, schools, and other public institutions. With dedicated all-round support for the entire digitalization project – from brainstorming and conceptualization, to tendering, implementation, the launch, and hassle-free operations – we help you with our networking solutions to efficiently implement your digital strategy and to comply, promptly and sustainably, with legal directives.

Our topics

Digital transformation of the public sector

Only a few city administrations and state governments have successfully implemented the digital transformation already. Most authorities and administrations are in the thick of it, or have only just started. A start that can only succeed with the right IT infrastructure and that gives a tailwind to digitalization. We will update you on the current progress of digital transformation in Europe and explain where the advantages lie and what you should be aware of concerning networking solutions in the public sector.

Modern and digital public administration

Can bureaucracy move fast? With a modern, digital administration, it certainly can. Information is found more quickly, processes are handled more efficiently and transparently, communication and working conditions are improved, and the authorities are always in a position to act. All it takes is a high-performance, fail-safe Internet connection, professional networking, and a high level of network security. Find out what constitutes digital government and how LANCOM supports you on the way there.

Digital sovereignty

Especially for IT infrastructures at public institutions, where a lot of personal data is managed, there has to be a focus on digital sovereignty and data protection. High availability, integrity, cybersecurity, autonomy, and sustainability for authorities and critical infrastructures are just too important. Get to know our solutions and application tips for more digital sovereignty. We show you how you can independently and prudently manage your digital systems in the long term.

Critical and municipal infrastructures

Two of the most important tasks in the public sector are protecting and supplying the population. Whether it is the production and supply of energy, drinking water, or food, public safety, or culture and education – there is a reason why these essential services are called “critical infrastructures”. In order for them to work efficiently and smoothly, LANCOM Systems is committed to the cyber protection and digital sovereignty of this important sector and offers a great deal of expertise in this field.

Know and incorporate IT trends 2024

“As SMEs face the ever-increasing demands of the digital transformation, the trend is clearly toward increased data transmission speed, intelligent cloud utilization, and a general reduction in complexity. The inescapable need for IT security also continues to cast its shadow as a requirement SMEs need to meet. [...] This short study addresses the question of how SMEs, primarily those with 250 to 2,500 computer workstations, are currently positioned when it comes to modern operational concepts and company networks. To what extent is the cloud and as-a-service concept already being adopted by SMEs? What is driving the expansion of company networks? And what investments in networks are SMEs planning for 2024?” – techconsult study from 2024


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