LANCOM VoIP +10 Option

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Upgrade for 10 additional VoIP call numbers

The LANCOM VoIP +10 Option enables the registration of 10 additional internal VoIP participants, each with their own call number, to a LANCOM VoIP router. Thanks to an additive license model the assignment of up to 40 VoIP call numbers is possible - ideal for a flexible extension of the telecommunications infrastructure and a step-by-step adjustment from ISDN / analog to VoIP telephony.

Product features

  • Option for the use of 10 additional internal VoIP call numbers with a LANCOM router
  • Additive license model for the extension of up to 40 VoIP call numbers for one device
  • Supports all routers with LANCOM All-IP Option as well as the ISG, 19xx, 180x, and 17xx VoIP series

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