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Our common support tips provide you with helpful tips for configuration and management of your networks.

Maintenance work in the Data Center - LMC temporarily unavailable

Due to maintenance work in the data center, the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) will be temporarily unavailable from 22:00 CET on Thursday, 09.02.2023 until approx. 01:00 on Friday, 10.02.2023. We expect a pure downtime of up to 2 minutes during the maintenance period.

The sending of alarm messages will be disabled during the maintenance.

However, with the exception of the Cloud-managed Hotspot and Dynamic DNS functionality, network operations will not be affected. We thank you for your understanding.

Connection to LMC in individual cases still disrupted with access points and routers with LCOS as of version 10.70

In individual cases access points and routers with LCOS as of version 10.70 are still unable to establish a connection to the LANCOM Management Cloud after the LMC failure on 20.12.2022. As a result the configuration cannot be rolled out to the affected devices and functions like the cloud-managed Hotspot aren't available.

If you are using a device with this behavior, please restart the device (e.g. via SSH), so that it establishes a new connection with the LMC. If the device cannot be reached via SSH, it can also be restarted by switching it off and on. If the device still cannot connect to the LMC after the restart, please contact our support (you can also contact us via the LMC chat).

Failure in the LMC on 20.12.2022

On Tuesday, 20.12.2022, the LANCOM Management Cloud was disrupted. This resulted in specific devices being displayed as "Offline" and the configuration could not be rolled out.

The malfunction has been corrected. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Failure of the load balancer service in the LMC on 18.12.2022

On Sunday, 18.12.2022, a load balancer service failure occurred in the LANCOM Management Cloud. As a result, some LANCOM devices lost the connection to the LMC.

A configured cloud-managed hotspot was without function due to the interrupted connection to the LMC. However, network operation was not affected.

The malfunction has been corrected in the meantime. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Temporary malfunction of LANCOM content filter fixed

During a server-side migration by our service provider, there has been a temporary overload of some rating servers from Friday, 28.10.2022 to Wednesday, 02.11.2022.

The disruption has been resolved and the services are working properly again.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will ensure that this disruption will not happen again.

Firmware update of LANCOM managed switches via LANconfig not possible

Since LANconfig version 10.4x, updating the switch firmware as well as the automatic check for new firmware versions is not possible without restrictions due to various problems.

Until the LANconfig problems are resolved, we therefore recommend updating via the switch web interface or via LMC. In the LMC, the mechanism for automatic firmware update is possible.

Compatibility of LANCOM Software Tools with Windows 11

Over one billion devices worldwide use the Microsoft Windows operating system. After six years, there will now be a new version - Windows 11 - from October 5, 2021. LANCOM Systems has extensively tested the compatibility of the applications (LANtools, WEBconfig, Advanced VPN Client, etc.) in its product portfolio in advance and has come to the conclusion that the tools work perfectly under Windows 11 and are therefore fully compatible.

Compatibility of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client V4.0 with macOS 11 "Big Sur"

The current LANCOM Advanced VPN Client V4.0 for macOS is not compatible with the macOS 11 "Big Sur" operating system on Apple hardware with M1 chip. As soon as a compatible client is available, LANCOM Systems will communicate this accordingly. When using macOS 11 Big Sur on hardware with Intel CPUs, the functionality is given, but warnings may appear during operation. Please find a detailed compatibility list of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client to macOS here.

Pattern and signature updates for Unified Firewall device firmware 9.x will expire on December 31, 2020

The Pattern and signature updates for LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall firmware versions 9.x will expire on December 31, 2020!
We therefore recommend migrating to the current LCOS FX version now. To find out how to perform the migration and what you need to keep in mind, please read our knowledge base article.

LCOS firmware update for smooth operation with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC)

To ensure continued smooth operation with the LANCOM Management Cloud, LANCOM devices with an old firmware version must be updated to a newer version. The following firmware versions are the minimum requirement:
- at least LCOS 10.12.0147 SU3
- at least LCOS SX 3.30.0417 RU3
- LCOS LX as of version 4.00.0096 REL
- LCOS LX as of version 10.4

To use all functions of the LANCOM Management Cloud, we recommend using the latest release version. Current release versions of our LCOS firmware are available free of charge in the download area of the LANCOM website.

WLAN client with Intel® "802.11ac" WLAN module cannot connect to a LANCOM LX-640x & LANCOM LW-600 with an 802.11ax SSID

With WLAN clients that use an Intel® "802.11ac" WLAN module, an incompatibility of the Intel® driver used may prevent an SSID broadcast in the 802.11ax standard from being "seen" (see article on Intel-Webseite). As a result, the WLAN client cannot connect to the SSID. The recommended troubleshooting procedure is described in this knowledge base article.

Important information about updating to macOS 10.16

As of the operating system version macOS Catalina 10.15.4, a note appears regarding a kernel extension from "NCP engineering GmbH". This kernel extension is necessary for the correct operation of the Advanced VPN Client on macOS. We do not recommend a future update to the following operating system macOS 10.16 (expected to be available in autumn / winter 2020) until LANCOM Systems provides a new version of the Advanced VPN Client macOS, compatible with macOS 10.16.

How many LANCOM VPN clients in trial version mode can establish a VPN connection to a LANCOM router? Zum Ende der Metadaten springen Zum Anfang der Metadaten

The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client can be used in full for an initial installation for 30 days in unlicensed trial version mode. After these 30 days, the product must be activated with a corresponding license for further, unlimited use. You can obtain the licenses from specialist retailers or distributors. A LANCOM router accepts a maximum of three simultaneous VPN connections from LANCOM Advanced VPN Clients, which are in 30-day trial version mode. All other connection requests from VPN clients that are in this mode are rejected by the router.

Procedure if a device is not available in the LMC

If one of your devices being managed by the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) is shown as “offline”, but is otherwise working normally, communication with the LMC may be disrupted. You can find a detailed description for troubleshooting in our Troubleshooting Guide: How to proceed when a device cannot be reached in the LMC.