Digitalization in the healthcare sector

Opportunities through eHealth / digital health.
Value creation in the digital healthcare system.

Secure digitalization in the healthcare sector

Optimal use of resources, standardized processes, synergy effects: Many effects are in favor of digital networking in the healthcare sector. However, the core of digitalization in the healthcare sector is a secure, legally compliant IT infrastructure to enable targeted collaboration between practices, clinics, nursing services, and therapists.

LANCOM Systems shows how healthcare providers can securely participate in the digitalization of the healthcare sector in the area of conflict between modern patient care and patient data protection.

Prepare for NIS2 now

The healthcare sector has been part of the CRITIS sectors affected by the NIS1 directive since 2016 and is subject to certain European cybersecurity requirements. With NIS2, further, stricter requirements will now be added from October 2024, which will be set out in national laws. Compliance with these will be monitored and penalised. It is best to prepare now and find out what you will need to consider in the future:

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Secure digitalization of the healthcare system

Digital health: the political course has been set

The exchange of medical data in care clusters should make healthcare more accessible, more effective and cheaper. Diagnostics, therapy, and research can also be made more efficient and at the same time more individualized in a digital network.

A desirable side effect is that the patient becomes the focus of attention. Targeted information exchange, smooth communication and close support along the "digital patient pathway" or "digital care pathway" will significantly improve the quality of care.

Laws and guidelines for the protection of health data

The advancing digitalization of the healthcare sector is increasing the cyber risk for medical and research institutions. Accordingly, increasingly strict national and European laws regulate the protection of sensitive patient data and critical medical systems.

National guidelines

National laws on digitalization and IT security in the healthcare sector describe very clearly where healthcare should be heading in the future:

Away from rural and demographic undersupply, towards a digitally networked healthcare landscape with a broad range of medical services (ehealth / digital health). And as soon as possible. Some European countries are far ahead in this respect, while others are driving development forward with laws and subsidies.

Patient data protection and NIS2

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) describes guidelines for the protection of electronic personal (patient) data.

Many healthcare facilities are also part of the critical infrastructure (KRITIS). The European Network and Information Security Directive NIS2 will apply to them from October 2024.

This is currently being transposed into national law and requires information and network security measures. Non-compliance is punishable by fines in the millions – whereby the owners and managers of practices, medical centers, and clinics are liable with their private assets.

Advantages of digitalization in the healthcare sector

The advantages of smooth communication and cooperation between the service providers and facilities involved are obvious:

Fast and standardized digital processes

  • Fewer printouts, letters, and prescriptions
  • Less effort for file transmission
  • No handwriting that is difficult to decipher

Tailor-made diagnostics, medication and therapy

  • More time for patients
  • Better database
  • Minimization of errors due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations
  • Higher quality of treatment

Transparency across all care steps

  • Easier collaboration between different healthcare providers
  • Better exchange of information
  • Faster access to important patient data
  • Greater treatment safety

Easier planning and management of resources

  • Coordinate appointments, beds, medication, staff, etc. better and in real time
  • More billable working time
  • Relief for staff

Closed, protected networks for secure collaboration in digital healthcare

LANCOM Connected Health Ecosystem

Are you already cooperating with other healthcare providers – or do you have an idea of how your processes can be digitally optimized in cooperation with others? Then the only question that remains is how to set up your digital network securely. How do you ensure the protection of sensitive patient data and critical processes?

It's simple – with the Connected Health Ecosystem from LANCOM!

The convenient rental model for Health IT Infrastructures includes everything you need for the secure operation of a digital health cluster or a research network.

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The secure basis
for eHealth and Co.

Icon: Representation of LANCOM Health IT Infrastructure packages for Healthcare as a three-part diagram with security shield incl. medical cross in the top left corner; shown as three packages: top one with a technician in front of a PC with cloud icon on it, bottom left one with networking lines, security shield, and security lock on it, and bottom right one with two hands shaking hands in partnership

LANCOM Health IT Infrastructures for the digital healthcare sector

LANCOM Health IT Infrastructures offer all the prerequisites for secure digitalization in the healthcare sector. They meet all legal requirements and guidelines for protecting your data traffic.

Continuing the digitalization of the healthcare sector securely and efficiently

Patients are already digital and mobile

The reality of most patients' lives has long been digital and mobile. They use their smartphones for communication and appointment scheduling, save files, and send documents. Many already use health apps from more or less reputable providers that already serve the market.

The readiness for digital healthcare is there – often even expectations that are not yet fulfilled. Digital natives think that making appointments and video consultations should be possible with just two clicks.

A secure IT infrastructure rewards this trust with a solid foundation and an integrated environment.

Your path to healthcare 2.0

LANCOM Systems specializes in cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. Certificates such as the trust mark "IT Security Made in Germany" (ITSmiG) and the BSI IT security label show that we place the highest value on data protection and compliance.

LANCOM also excels in the area of digital sovereignty with guaranteed backdoor freedom and GDPR compliance, as well as production and development engineered in Germany and comprehensive support. Together with numerous technology partners such as Philips Healthcare, Dräger Medical Services, Stanley Healthcare, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity and macmon, we have already solved many challenges in the healthcare sector.

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