The LANCOM Monitoring software

LANmonitor is the ideal program for convenient and structured monitoring of networks. SNMP-trap controlled, it offers nearly real-time monitoring of all connections and device statuses.

Central monitoring for small and mid-size networks

The tool LANmonitor is free of charge and ideal for the surveillance of small and mid-size networks for up to 50 devices.

Feel free to download your free-of-charge Central Monitoring Tool right here:

LANmonitor Download

Basic functions

Convenient and structured surveillance in real-time

  • Connection and interface status display
  • Transfer rates, protocols, and IP addresses
  • Display of software version, CPU load, and memory usage
  • Logging of online times and transfer volumes
  • Firewall event display and device syslog
  • Logging of device activity to a file
  • Graphical trace module for recordings and troubleshooting
  • Spectral Scan to identify sources of interference in the WLAN
User interface LANmonitor screenshot

Spectral Scan

View LANmonitor Spectral Scan Analysis

Monitor your WLAN radio field spectrum for sources of interference!

With LANCOM Spectral Scan you have a professional tool for an efficient WLAN troubleshooting. By scanning the entire RF spectrum, sources of interference can be identified, graphically illustrated, and the time of occurrence is documented. This way, the extensive workload of a specific channel at 2.4 GHz can be determined, leading to the conclusion that an interfering signal is in place. Having this information, the administrator can initiate countermeasures by switching the channel or removing the interfering signal.

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